how do you shop for skincare online?

  1. Julie says:

    I love your sweater! Link for that?!

  2. I never actually purchase skincare online. I do shop as in reading about or researching ingredients online, but go to an actual counter or display to sample (when we could do that) or at least see with my eye up close before spending.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      testing products beforehand might be over. we’ll see next year. but with skincare the proof is always in the pudding. you have to try the product on for size at least one month. makeup is different where you can see the results in minutes.

  3. Mrs Julie Mycock says:

    Hi Beth, I’m quite lucky, my friend has worked for Lancome for 26 years and she is terrific at knowing what colours in make-up suit a person, I can always rely on her. Like yourself I switch my skincare every few months it does the skin good, I use Elemis, Lancome, and I also use Liz Earle, I don’t know if you have that in the US. At the moment I’ve started using Prai, again not sure if you are familiar with that one, I’m loving there throat & decolletage cream.
    Thank you for giving us an idea on purchasing skincare online, it’s much appreciated. Log the sweater as Julie from England

  4. Teresa says:

    Beth, your skin looks great, in particular your top lip line….you have no wrinkles at all. How do you accomplish that? And, I love that you returned to your shorter haircut!

  5. Andrea says:

    As a person with psoriasis and multiple allergies, I tend to visit Sephora if it’s a new to me product, as they accept returns with no questions asked. Nuxe is a French brand that has a couple of lines that have worked for me for years. They specialize in skin care as opposed to makeup but everyone’s skin and ph level is unique. The French focus on good skin first.
    Just a word of warning, if you use an EU brand, right now have a backup unopened jar on hand. When France went into lockdown so did their factories so when your countries supply runs out?? A weird and wonderful time. But just think of all the coffee stories we will have – someday 😉

  6. Eve says:

    Its so hot in the Summer here and wearing anything on your face is almost impossible. It melts, ends up stinging your eyes, even sunscreens. I’m still looking for a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen that stays put. Any ideas? BTW You have pretty feet!

  7. Nancy A Reed says:

    Great information and the products look promissing.
    Thank you

  8. Rory says:

    Hi I really like the sweater. It looks really great on you. I will be having knee surgery in 2 weeks. Would you be able to share some tips and how to look nice but comfortable. Thanks so much.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      thank you! i think i wore my gym shorts a lot for the first six weeks. but loose fitting athleisure wear will work too. but once the stitches are gone you’ll figure out quickly what feels good and what doesn’t. good luck!

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