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  1. ali says:

    I love pound cake, but have never tried making it myself. It looks delicious. I’m going to give this a try.

    • Hi Ali, I had never made one either! I have always loved pound cake and I am so happy I finally gave it a go. Thanks for tuning in today, xo Kelly

  2. It looks so yummy and so pretty. Mouth watering!

  3. Kristine says:

    When I finished reading this, I literally said out loud: “Wait – show me a picture of a slice of pound cake with the strawberries!”…and when I kept scrolling there it was!! Phew! I love your step by step instructions. I have collected pound cake recipes but have never tried one. With these instructions, I think it will be fun!

    • Hi Kristine! Haha, I did save the strawberries for last! I hope you try this recipe, I am sure you will really enjoy it. Thank you for tuning in today, xo Kelly

  4. Nelda Pattillo says:

    Looks delicious and I have the ingredients on hand!! I will make this today!!

  5. Susan says:

    Thank you Kelly, will be making today!

  6. zooperson says:

    This is a keeper! Thanks for excellent instructions.

  7. Laura Tiegs says:

    I am loving your Saturday cooking
    posts. First,your choice of recipes are so interesting and things I would like to try.Next, you teach them beautifully . Your personality shines through in your writing.
    Thanks for doing this,as I really enjoy them,and look forward to them. You help add beauty to life.
    Sincerely, Laura

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Laura. I am so happy you are enjoying the column; I am really happy to have the opportunity to share my ideas with you. Thanks again for tuning in, xo Kelly

  8. Andrea says:

    Thanks for the wonderful recipe, Kelly. I love all things lemon and poppy seeds. The poppy seeds add an extra layer of depth…and fibre!

    For those who like deserts but are trying to keep calories in control, try having this for breakfast or lunch, with a slice of cheese or yogurt as well as fruit. 🥂

    • Hi Andrea, thank you for tuning in today; and yes, I definitely agree that yogurt or cheese would be a perfect compliment to this pound cake. And of course you can omit the glaze for even fewer sugar calories. Take care, xo Kelly

      • Sylvia Espinoza says:

        Another wonderful recipe! Saturdays are extra great now as we get your recipe for the week. Love all things pound cake…lol! I toss strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and walnuts in a quart-size bowl. Then in a measuring cup I add a local-brand buttery-tasting olive oil (about 1/4 cup) an equally tasty Alessi-brand balsamic vinegar (about a tablespoon), a sprinkle of sea salt and freshly-ground black pepper. Mix together, then pour into the berries, coating gently. Taste so good then and there, but when they sit a while, oh my 🙂 Wish I had a slice of your pound cake right this minute! Love to you from Texas~

        • Hi Sylvia! Thank you so much for tuning in today. Your recipe for dressing your berries sounds amazing! I will definitely give it a try, I love all of those flavors – salty, sweet, sour…and your addition of walnuts is genius! Take care an be well in Texas, xo Kelly

  9. Cathy McMann says:

    I’m drooling. Must save this recipe for when we have local strawberries here in NJ – we’re a few weeks behind GA.

  10. Suzanne M Smith says:

    Yum. I have a lemon poppyseed pound cake recipe and I’ll have to compare them and try yours out. It looks delicious. My Joe loves a glaze on it, so that would be a must for me here! 😉 And yeah–whipped cream peaks sitting in there somewhere sounds scrumptious! I like the idea of kefir. I’ll have to pin this one and try it. Thanks for the very clear directions. I love a recipe that doesn’t make you wonder if you’re doing it correctly. Have a great weekend! I think Beth needs a piece of this while she elevates that leg! xoxo

    • I love a glaze on it too, Suzanne, it really adds that tart pop of lemon. I really appreciate the feedback that my directions are clear, I strive for that and it’s helpful know I am hitting the mark. Thanks so much for tuning in this week – see you next week! xo Kelly

  11. Donna says:

    Just wondering what kind of flour you used. We don’t normally eat flour and always eat organic. I noticed you used organic sugar, so I was curious about what kind of flour you used. Thanks!

    • Hi Donna, I have King Arthur all purpose flour on hand these days, which is organic. I really like Bob’s Red Mill too. I have a variety of alternative flours like almond and coconut, though haven’t used them for this recipe before, so I am not sure what the conversion would like…thanks for your question and for tuning in today. xo Kelly

  12. Rory says:

    Looks delicious! Thanks

  13. Carroll Niesen says:

    Those strawberries are so beautiful. I have made lemon poppy seed pound cake and love it, but never any strawberries that look that great! Must try it!!

    • Hi Carroll, it’s nice to see you again. I love these CSA strawberries, not as big as the ones in the supermarket, but so sweet and fresh! I hope you try the recipe and enjoy! xo Kelly

  14. Dora Renata pala says:

    Buongiorno Kelly (qui è mattina) bella ricetta semplice e sicuramente buona. Né abbiamo bisogno per il nostro morale, é siccome adoro i dolci oggi che è domenica provo a farla. Scusa Kelly scrivo in Italiano perché leggo e parlo l’inglese ma non scrivo correttamente anzi un disastro!!!. Buona settimana 🥧

    • Buongiorno Dora! Le domeniche sono perfette per concedersi un dolce! Grazie mille per aver letto la mia rubrica. Mi piace condividere le ricette con te. Stai attento, xo Kelly (Google Translate semplifica la chat con persone in altre lingue! :))

  15. Beth Crawford says:

    Thank you Kellyfor another great recipe !
    I have to be gluten free and I’m sure this will convert very well. I use King Arthur measure for measure flour and almost always it turns out very well. I’m happy to try this one!

  16. Lee says:

    I made this yesterday and it’s a big hit at my house! The light lemon flavor is delicious. I left out the poppy seeds (thank you for mentioning that), only because I wasn’t sure they’d go over well with my son & husband. The next time I bake this, I’m going to either reduce the temperature or the baking time; the edges come out a little well done. Still tastes great though! Thank you.

    • Hi Lee, I am so happy you made the pound cake – and that it was a hit! Everyone’s oven is different so you might need to reduce the time or temp to suit your taste. Thank you so much for tuning in and commenting to let me know you made the recipe! Take care, xo Kelly

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