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month after month one of the most popular blog posts is how i stay fit after sixty. and month after month i share my secret weapon opens in a new windowFASTer Way to Fat Loss. and we all know once we hit menopause it gets harder and harder each year to lose fat and stay fit. but it’s not impossible.

diet plans

one aspect of opens in a new windowFASTer Way to Fat Loss that i love most is their diet plans which are incorporated into the program. the opens in a new windowFASTer Way is the most effective online program that will empower you to transform your life through simple, effective, cutting-edge fitness, and nutrition strategies.

regular and vegan meal plan options available each week, with ingredient lists, and preparation instructions to help you reach your goals FASTer. it simply couldn’t be easier! 

the next community round starts on opens in a new windowMonday, August 24! opens in a new windowregister today to get INSTANT ACCESS to the program materials! you will learn how to fuel your body correctly by tracking Macros. and you have access to effective 30-minute workouts that you can join with the entire FASTer Way community. low impact, at-home, and gym options available each day.

what makes opens in a new windowFASTer Way to Fat Loss so different? here’s what they have to say.

We understand how it feels to be frustrated by the fitness and nutrition myths, confusion, and misinformation presented online, by so many doctors, and by well-meaning friends and family members. It’s like being on a never-ending roller coaster when it comes to a healthy lifestyle!

Over the years, you’ve probably followed every diet guru’s advice, spent hours on the treadmill, and restricted calories to obscene levels. Maybe you’ve seen some success, but it’s most likely left you feeling depleted, overwhelmed, and out of control. Most people simply want a plan that translates into a sustainable lifestyle, not an intense (and stressful!) quick fix. Until now, there has been a discouraging lack of clear guidance and support.

At the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, we truly care about you and your health, and we’re excited to share the most effective program on the market today.

a photo of me in January 2018 when i started opens in a new windowFASTer Way to Fat Loss. below is a photo of me in 2020.

home gym workout clothes

even when i hop on my Peloton for a spin class i incorporate weight training for my arms. 

home gym workout clothes

weight training is important at any age but especially as we age. lifting weights help us gain muscle mass and strength as well as better mobility, mental sharpness, and metabolic health. after my total knee replacement, i couldn’t even lift two-pound dumbells. now i’m up to twelve pounds. slow and steady wins the race.


step bench

here’s a video i put together for an easy and effective five minute arms and upper body workout. yes, we can still wear sleeveless tops and dresses when we have firm arms. 


  opens in a new windowregister here for the next round of FASTer Way to Fat Loss that starts Monday, August 26th. here’s what a few of my readers shared about the program:

Wanted to say, I joined this program on your say so. I am 72 and was both curious and skeptical. Must admit I am now a enthusiastic convert. The program is completely doable, portable, and possible to do at home. The beginner exercise program was manageable for me, and I worked out in my small condo with no equipment other than hand weights. Daily accountability is another appreciated key to this program. I am in my last week of round 1. I am eating better, sleeping better, and down both pounds and inches. Money well spent. Thanks for sharing this with us.

I must thank you for telling us about the Faster way to Fat loss program. I watched your positive results and finally took the plunge and will now begin week 3. The eating program is great, and I was so surprised that the fasting isn’t a big deal. I don’t feel as obsessed about food.

Beth I also have done almost 8 weeks of Fasterwaytofatloss on your recommendation. I can’t tell you how much better I feel. I am amazed how much food plays a part in our well being! I have not had any gluten or dairy and have done IF and find it all very doable, I intend to adopt this as my new lifestyle. I have not been able to exercise do to a rotator cuff repair, but have still lost weight and inches! Thank you for recommending!

Beth, I wanted you to know that because of your testimony to the Fwtfl, I signed up in September and am just finishing my 8 weeks. I love the program and am making it my life. I have seen so many positive aspects such as losing pounds, inches, feeling great, sleeping great, and improved health. At 69 I didnt think I could lose inches and pounds, but this program does work, and all done in a positive manner. Thank you Beth!




  1. Andrea wrote:

    That is a great, doable workout, Beth. I will be starting that ASAP, because – my 11 yr old grandson just noticed my upper arms or lack there of. He innocently took hold of the ‘drape’ and ask what it was? We had a good laugh and I told him that they used to be gramma’s muscles 😜. I have been putting off getting back into shape after getting over a broken foot followed by a broken arm and now Covid19. Loved swimming laps and it tones your whole body but after 3 years of absence – yikes. Thanks for the kick I needed, Beth. I’ll show that little rascal.

    Posted 8.23.20
  2. Andrea wrote:

    Something to add to your workouts, Beth, that will whittle waistlines at the same time is something we we taught in yoga. I notice that you are correctly exhaling during the work part of the lifts, but if you make sure to always tuck your tummy during ant exercise, even swimming, the results are fantastic and no real extra work. It protects your back and works your core. 🥂

    Posted 8.23.20
  3. Well written and to the point. I appreciate the detail in this article!

    Posted 8.24.20

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