diet plans and working out with FASTer Way to Fat Loss

  1. Andrea says:

    That is a great, doable workout, Beth. I will be starting that ASAP, because – my 11 yr old grandson just noticed my upper arms or lack there of. He innocently took hold of the ‘drape’ and ask what it was? We had a good laugh and I told him that they used to be gramma’s muscles 😜. I have been putting off getting back into shape after getting over a broken foot followed by a broken arm and now Covid19. Loved swimming laps and it tones your whole body but after 3 years of absence – yikes. Thanks for the kick I needed, Beth. I’ll show that little rascal.

  2. Andrea says:

    Something to add to your workouts, Beth, that will whittle waistlines at the same time is something we we taught in yoga. I notice that you are correctly exhaling during the work part of the lifts, but if you make sure to always tuck your tummy during ant exercise, even swimming, the results are fantastic and no real extra work. It protects your back and works your core. 🥂

  3. Keto Connect says:

    Well written and to the point. I appreciate the detail in this article!

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