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  1. Kathleen McDermott says:

    I respect and appreciate the tremendous amount of work women like you put into their blogs. I adore fashion/style blogs so joyous and positive and fun! There’s not a woman out there who can’t look fabulous. You help them realize that. I’m 67 and not concerned about whether I “look my age”. I love when I was born and am my age. I just want to look like a pretty, fashionable 67-year-old. YOU, provide such inspiration and guidance. Thank you!

  2. Great advice! You have certainly built a following and a brand with your style and witty posts. An Oscar!
    Thanks for sharing your tips. I’m an author and these all apply to book marketing as well.

  3. Suzanne Smith says:

    You’ve always done a great job of networking and promoting other folks’ blogs, too. Not only does it help each of you but it brings new folks into each of the bloggers’ folds. You’ve done it all so well. I used to blog for years and then finally closed down my site, but trust me, I know what goes into it. I’ve loved seeing you grow yours and become the confident professional you are. Kudos! Now I’m excited to see Kelly’s, too!

  4. Linda G says:

    I love your blog and the styles you put on it. I’m 69 and like to dress fashionably casual, it’s so nice to see ideas for looking great at this more mature age. Thanks.

  5. Bobbi Jo says:

    Thank you so much for this blog post. I was very helpful to me as I run a blog myself called Two Adorable Labs where I talk about animal health, showcase my two labradors, create recipes for humans and our furry friends, home decor and tablescapes. I don’t have a lot of followers via my blog and am struggling in that area. I’m still fairly new to the process and any time a successful blogger can share their tips, I really appreciate it. So thank you again! You look amazing and I enjoy your blog. Bobbi Jo

  6. Kara says:

    I’m so grateful to have found you; I’ve been a follower for a little over a year. I’m 46, but my style is classic and you are spot on for me. So much of what you post is timeless good taste, and I think women of any age can appreciate that. Thank you for your hard yet beautiful work!

  7. Lindsey A says:

    What I really like and respect about your blog is that you post daily, and that you have informative content.

    There are other bloggers I follow too, (I’m early 40’s so check in with the 30’s women too) but sometimes weeks at a time will pass without a post and it starts getting really frustrating to visit a site and find nothing new – even when only checking once per week. I know a lot goes into it on the back end, but when it is even just a simple weekly post, much less 2-4 weeks without anything, it just looks lazy compared to you!

    And then with others, its basically a big image of products they’ve pulled together, but with no information on why they like them, how to style things, quality of the item etc, so my cynical side kicks in and I feel like I’m just a consumer to them for commissions, not a valued reader.

    With you, I know that after my initial skim of work emails, I can reliably come here and get high quality written content that I’m going to learn something from. And that is why this is one of only two that I check every day (the other being What Kate Wore, as I love the Duchess of Cambridge and her style, and again, that is another really high quality content site, as Susan there explains the purpose for the DoC’s visit and the work that the organization does, before she looks at the fashion, which I really appreciate. Plus the commenting community is also great, same as here).

    So, thank you for your hard work, professionalism and work ethic.

  8. Deidra A Haywood says:

    I am so inspired after reading how you started your blog. There are a few subjects I am interested in and can perhaps fill a void. I just have to stop talking about all of my ideas and get to doing something about it. Thanks for the information, It will be very helpful to me in pursuing my destiny!!!

  9. Tami says:

    What a timely post Beth! I have been inspired by YOU in so many ways over the past year since I have followed you. I am 59, a grandmother, elementary teacher and full-time, live-in caregiver to my 87 year old mother. I had become very unhealthy over the years. I was extremely overweight, due to the stress that comprised my “normal” After following you, I began to elevate my wardrobe, using the style tips you offered. You inspired me to take care of “me” first and I have dropped over 50 pounds and become more fit than I have been since my 20’s (I am a former dancer). My lifestyle and style transformation has so inspired people I know that I decided I wanted to work towards becoming a social media influencer myself! I have a name and a niche in mind, however, I just needed some guidance in getting things off the ground! My dream is to be able to retire from teaching children and work full time as a blogger. Thank you, on so many levels, for the time, effort and intentionality that you have created with this blog! Blessings!

  10. Mary C says:

    Hi, Beth. I didn’t realize the extent of your venture and it’s good to know how much work goes into all the lovely and informative posts you put up. I really value Style At A Certain Age and look forward to your posts daily.

  11. Dora Renata Pala says:

    Gentile Beth, ti seguo costantemente sempre, sei un po’ come avere un amica che abita dall’altra parte del mio mondo(Centro Italia) ho aperto Instagram qualche settimana fa con piccole foto di qualcosa di piacevole nella mia vita quotidiana nessuno lo sa perché mi sentivo un po’ supersuperficiale, sono volontaria per assistere i malati di tumore(Ant) e quindi uno scenario completamente diverso Sono appassionata di balletto classico perciò il mio Instagram è margotfontayne38 come il mio idolo, la grande ballerina donna di grande spessore eleganza e con una vita non facile. Grazie di avermi dedicato un momento del tuo tempo.

  12. Vicki Holtzman says:

    I enjoy your blog and read it daily, love the classics and so happy to see someone our age look so beautiful.

  13. Chetna Singh says:

    Great advice Beth! It takes a lot of hard work and dedication and obviously great content. Thank you for sharing.
    Hope to work with you one day.

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