fridays with oscar

  1. Jodie Filogomo says:

    You had me laughing at how those turned into shorts…I could totally see myself doing that! Love the gold touch with this! jodie
    ps…Oscar is such a good boy!

    • beth djalali says:

      when my boys were young i always recycled their jeans into shorts. but first, i would always patch them the knees up. sadly, that would only last so long…
      have a great weekend, jodie!
      xxoo beth

  2. la Contessa says:

    I adore that length short!YOU LOOK SMASHING!

  3. Sweet Leilani says:

    You are so right , Denim will never loose it’s dignity. As usual …looking spiffy in them and as for Mr. Oscar well he’s a no brainer such a handsome young man(dog). Lol, My sister has one just like him his name is Sargent and he too is a dream. Have an Aloha weekend my dear.

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