father’s day

  1. Joni James says:

    Actually, you look wonderful in both of these! I love wearing things from loved ones we’ve lost. It’s like an eternal hug from them and I somehow think they smile on the other side when they see us still enjoying the things they left behind. I had a shirt my dad use to wear that his sister made him. I treasured that psychedelic button up until it literally disintegrated in the wash one day. I still have his old hair comb in my night stand drawer.
    Your dad died much too soon! But how wonderful that he had the chance to walk you down the aisle and meet your two sons. I too battled cancer in my early 40’s. It inspired better living for sure. I can feel that you are inspired by your father’s life. This is a wonderful tribute to him.

    • beth djalali says:

      thanks, joni, for your sweet comments. we each have our burdens to bear. i’m so happy to hear that your trial didn’t defeat you, but inspired you! here’s to living life to the fullest, and making those that walked before us proud of who we are.
      xxoo beth

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