florals and polka dots

  1. donnanance says:

    Love the outfit! Will have to wait a little longer to wear something like this…I can see the sweater and the skirt in other outfits. xoxo

    • beth djalali says:

      you must be back home from texas! hope you enjoyed your visit. and take heart, spring is right around the corner for everyone.
      xoxo beth

  2. Trina says:

    You look fabulous! Even better than the models from the O magazine. I just read this month’s edition of the O magazine and was thrilled to see this new line. Thanks for the heads up on donations, I have a trunk full that I can deliver this week.

  3. Lorena Lorena says:

    What a perfect pattern mix ! Absolutely love the colors and you look spectacular. It’s so difficult for me to mix patterns, it seems like I can never nail it.

  4. PrimeBeauty says:

    This looks lovely on you! I like the way your styled it too!

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