five self-care habits for 2021

  1. Bonnie R says:

    Great advice! I practice all, but have been seriously slacking off on numbers 1 & 5! Love the RL plaid blouse; it’s so flattering on you. (Appreciate the link, my size sold out 😉)

  2. Jani Munro says:

    Hello Beth, love all your posts! Can you tell us about that terrific tartan shirt with the ruffles collar that you are wearing? With thanks, Jani

  3. Dottie W. says:

    I’ve been following you for about 1 1/2 yrs now and I really enjoy your site. I do have a question about the silk pillowcase. I am 69 yrs old and I am hot all the time. I have to keep my bedroom very cool or I cannot sleep. Will the silk make me feel hotter?

  4. Carol Khoury says:

    So true………..
    Friday after yet another full day of going nowhere and not doing much more than reading, after putting dinner in the oven I decided to don some earrings and lipstick. It felt soooo good and put a bounce back into my step! Mask wearing has not been favorable to lipstick for me, so this was a treat. And, again….mask wearing and earrings—–I can only wear my small to medium pearls and be confident they won’t get lost due to the mask elastics. So putting on some chunky silver hoops and lipstick? Made my evening! And didn’t go unnoticed by my husband, either.
    I do exercise regularly and sleep on silk cases so I’m trying to be my best!

  5. Carol Griffin says:

    Wonderful ADVICE! I do practice all with the exception of #1 and will be ordering silk pillowcases TODAY! Not only for me but also for my youngest daughter who has a birthday coming up and this will be a wonderful gift for her as well. I do sleep on Bamboo sheets/pillowcases which I absolutely love, silky and soft. Love the blog!!!!

  6. Carmen Grant says:

    Thanks Beth, you help me get through my day!

  7. Linda says:

    Enjoyed reading and thinking about your suggestions. Thank you.

  8. Carmen grant says:

    Thanks Beth you make my day!

  9. Joyce Reynolds says:

    I really enjoy all the tips you share with us on health, beauty, aging, and of course fashion! I’m 72 years old and really enjoy shopping at Talbots! Beth, I’m curious as which hairstyle you’re wearing now. You look great in the shorter style and the longer! Take care, be safe and stay healthy, a good motto for all of us during this pandemic! Joyce 😊

    • Andrea says:

      These are great anchors and we certainly need anchors this year.

      Whenever my world felt like it was crashing down around me, I would go into the flower garden, with a coffee or wine and focus on the beauty of nature. I would think about the mothers/women in war torn countries that were dealing with the same issues and be grateful.

      For those of you who may not be able to afford silk pillow cases, buy sateen weave and iron them. Ironing a pillow case is key. Same with flowers, cut some from the garden, pick wild flowers, or simple mini dandelion bouquets for the kitchen sink, the bathrooms, your nightstand. If you have a windowsill or bright room – flowering houseplants are magical.

      I always put lipstick on first thing in the morning and then smile at myself in the mirror, not in a vain way, but in a self hug way.
      Hugs to you Beth, and all the wonder women that follow you. 💝

  10. Jan says:

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the word “intentional “ lately. Each of the subjects you talked about today all begin with a thought and then having a plan to carry it out. I love each of your suggestions and just feel that more than ever we need to be open to new thoughts and ideas. Our age should not restrict our ability to grow and try new things.
    Thankyou for promoting positivity! I agree wholeheartedly that it’s always the little things in life that truly matter.

  11. Janet says:

    Great 5 ideas for a positive mindset. Thanks Beth

  12. Beth Bevington says:

    Hi Beth
    I read all of your posting. Love your style.
    How are you after a year without your hubby? My husband died Wednesday of brain cancer. I feel like I will never get past my broken heart. 💔

  13. Tricia says:

    Good morning Beth! Great post! I have a question in the weekly face mask suggestion. The one you posted shows the cost being $120 for one? Could that we right?

    If it truly is $120, do you have another recommendation? Thanks!

  14. jane says:

    I love these self help tips. Each of them hit home with me. Love the silk pillowcases and the facial mask. I will buy fresh flowers next time I’m shopping. Great idea. And I love getting dressed and putting on makeup. I have a tendency to not wear any except a moisturizer around the house, but I am just as important as any of the others that I see at the grocery store and I will wear makeup next time. Thanks for all of these. Love reading your blogs. Jane

  15. CIndy Smith says:

    All great suggestions. I’m especially looking forward to trying a silk pillowcase ! Doing the mask once a week sounds good too.

  16. Judi Hume says:

    I love this post! Every suggestion is great! Thank you so much, and Happy New Year!

  17. Averyl says:

    Hello Beth,
    Firstly thank you for Friday”s whiskey and cranberry cocktail. Delicious! I’ve just started following you – having found that nearly all the outfits I was pinning on Pinterest were yours- and I am loving your blog with its mix of fashion and general well-being. hints. Thank you.

  18. Claudia Flemingloss says:

    These tips today sound like some of my ways to look after myself. I just need flowers on the kitchen table. They fill my heart and make the place seem cheery. On most days, I do put on makeup and at least a nice top. I wear jewelry with it. I just feel better when I do. Thanks for encouraging all of us to look after ourselves better.

  19. Paula says:

    Some good points to follow. I’m going to try the silk pillowcases. I thought they might be hot but after reading some comments I guess they are not.

  20. Sylvia Espinoza says:

    Chiming in late Sunday afternoon as mornings and early afternoons are busy times in my life on Sundays. This dreary, cold, sleeting afternoon, your post and the blog sisters’ comments have lifted my spirit. Love that blog sister Andrea called us who follow you “wonder women.” 🙂 These tips are so good! A silk pillowcase is in my future.

    This morning heard a man say he wished there were no mirrors in his house because once he catches a glimpse of himself, it’s downhill all the way the rest of his day. “Like a guy going to the store in pajamas,” he said. I said, “No!” and told him about your blog and that the same principle applies to men. Invest in your health and appearance! Then that man looking back at you will face the day with a positive outlook, whether staying in or going out. He said this is wise advice! Of course it is! 🙂

    Keep it coming, Beth~

  21. Rhea E Dawson says:

    Don’t forget to stop at your local florist for a bouquet of flowers. Small retailers really need support in these times. These are great self-care tips.

  22. Bakole Wahadi says:

    Very interesting and good Post…l like it

  23. This is my first encounter w/yr website – really enjoyed your postings! (I’m a bit older than you, love style, love to travel). A few comments:
    You have a great way w/scarves!
    I’d recommend shirt dresses that r longer.
    Beautiful white blazer & outfit!
    I always wear a skirt when flying, esp long trips. It makes things easier in those tiny airport bathrooms! and a fuller skirt can offer welcome warmth when “sleeping.”
    Thanks for your blog.

  24. Pamela Burton says:

    love the black desk lamp. Could you share where you purchased it? Thanks!

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