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hello thursday! here on the blog, thursdays are all about looking back through the archives to find topical posts from the past that are just as relevant and full of great ideas for recipes, fashion and home decor. in case you’ve missed any of my fall decor tours this week, check out my front porch or my living room, refreshed for fall. since we are fully into fall, i thought it would be a perfect time to revisit some of our fall tablescapes from last year. i love to set a beautiful table even if it’s only for two. especially this year as we are eating at home more often than ever, setting a pretty table is a gentle reminder that a dinner at home can be just as special as going out to a restaurant. enjoy today’s fall tablescape collection, i hope it gives you some inspiration for setting your fall table! 


dinner party prep | fridays with oscar

what? it’s friday? already? on one hand i’m  soooo happy the week has come to an end. but on the other hand where the heck is this year disappearing to? let alone this week? it’s funny but the blog keeps my inner clock running and i’m hyper aware when monday and friday roll around. thankfully, oscar is blissfully unaware of the week zipping by and is in his groove ready for his weekly gig. in fact, he’s helping, errr, watching me, prep for a dinner party this weekend. well, he did escort me to the herb garden to snip a few basil leaves for the bruschetta. a yummy appetizer which i’ll happily share at the end of the post.



the purrfect manhattan | skirt steak with chimichurri sauce

it’s friday gang!  time to take a deep breath and relax.  finally.  per usual, i’ve got a wonderful recipe and cocktail for you.  a perfect manhattan paired with a skirt steak with chimichurri sauce.  one of my daughter in-law’s, kelly’s, favorites.  you’re going to love it.



it’s chili outside | instant pot recipes

it’s friday gang!  it’s been a solid week over here on the blog.  in case you missed it, we did a deep dive into fall fashion aimed for the career woman (but also here).  we also officially introduced a new YouTube series fashioned squared over here on the blog.  definitely check it out, especially if you’re looking for outfit ideas.  i show you three ways to wear a white shirt.  video above.  but today is friday.  and i have a crowd over tonight—all of my sons are in town.  and of course we could go out to eat, but there’s nothing quite like a home cooked meal.   in the spirit of keeping it simple ya’ll—more time for laughs—i’ve got an instant pot turkey chili recipe for you.  time to kick back, relax, and pour a drink.

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similar glass pumpkins | pumpkin cocotte | bee glasses


i hope today’s fall tablescape collection has given you some inspiration on how to set your fall table. it’s time to enjoy the season, the holidays are right around the corner! happy thursday, ladies. 


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  1. I enjoy seeing picts of OScar. Over our married life,we have had two shepherds,both sadly did not live really long lives.Love the breed. Glad he is keeping you good company. Best and stay safe.

    Posted 9.24.20 Reply
    • awww, that is sad to hear. German Shepherds are such an amazing breed as you know. And Oscar is the best friend one could have.

      Posted 9.24.20 Reply
  2. Sarah wrote:

    I love your blog, but it’s been nothing but re-runs for a while now. Can we get some new posts? I end up deleting your blog because I’ve seen it and read it before. I enjoy seeing new clothes and styles from you.

    Posted 9.24.20 Reply
    • hi, sherry! the blog produces fresh content five days a week. hopefully, you haven’t missed those new posts published each week. Thursday and Sunday are retrospective posts as there are so many new readers that enjoy that layout.

      Posted 9.24.20 Reply
      • Anita wrote:

        Beth, YOU do a fantastic job, thanks for your hard work helping us “more mature” women do a great job w/ourselves. I look forward every day to see your ootd. Also, I lived in Guam 2002-2004, were you living there at that time?

        Posted 9.24.20 Reply
        • awww, thanks so much, anita! yes, we lived on Guam from 2000 – 2004. same time as you!

          Posted 9.24.20 Reply
  3. Andrea wrote:

    Adore your red table cloth setting – warm elegance. I have all my mum’s table linens and love to use them. Nothing says welcome like a well dressed table. Whatever one’s best is, shows care and sets the mood for good times. I have a lung disorder, so this year, no company, but you can be assured the table will be dressed 🌷

    Posted 9.24.20 Reply
    • you said it best “nothing says welcome like a well dressed table.”

      Posted 9.24.20 Reply
  4. suzi wrote:

    I somehow missed the recipes! I’ll look again for what you are drinking and eating.

    Posted 9.24.20 Reply
    • do go back and check out the recipes. nothing better than good food and a cocktail with family and friends.

      Posted 9.24.20 Reply
  5. Eve wrote:

    Enjoyed the look back. I forget about camoflauge. I’ve never owned pants but I did have a shirt. I think it might be time to buy a pair of pants. You look great and your tables capes are picture book perfect. Oscar belongs on the cover of a magazine and he knows it!

    Posted 9.24.20 Reply
    • you would love a pair of camo pants! i agree about Oscar. little does he know how handsome he is.

      Posted 9.24.20 Reply
  6. GL Gardener wrote:

    How lovely. I very much enjoy table scaping.

    Posted 9.24.20 Reply
    • it is so gratifying to set a lovely table for friends and family. it’s so nice to know you love tablescapes too.

      Posted 9.24.20 Reply
  7. Sangita M wrote:

    I always find your tables inviting and inspiring. Thanks

    Posted 9.24.20 Reply
    • it is so much fun creating a tablescape that friends and family will enjoy. so happy to hear you love them too.

      Posted 9.24.20 Reply
  8. Cheryl wrote:

    I love the camo pants but can’t find info on them or the recipe for your Manhattan

    Posted 9.25.20 Reply
    • hi cheryl, if you click the read more you will be taken to the post that has the Manhattan recipe and links to the clothes. the camo pants are about eight years old but we linked to similar items.

      Posted 9.25.20 Reply
  9. Donna wrote:

    Can you please tell me where to find those cute camo pants? Love them. All the links were tablescapes. Thank you !

    Posted 9.26.20 Reply
  10. Barbara Guerin wrote:

    Thank you for your blog. I have enjoyed your fashions and decorating ideas for several months and passed your e-mail address on to friends.
    We live in the Northeast and have been in semi seclusion since last February due to the virus. We do get out for walks daily, but have not done any entertaining, unless it is outside and social distancing.
    Thank you again for your posts including your wonderful ideas and recipes. Stay well and safe.

    Posted 10.9.20 Reply
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