Essential Shoes Every Woman Should Own

  1. Hetty says:

    Couldn’t agree more on shoes, (as well as accessories can make or break an outfit). Unfortunately, retailers, even the one that started as a shoe store, (Nordy I mean you) only offer narrow widths in very limited selections. For example, go their website and search under booties, size 8, medium width, black. No other limitations. You will see 2055 styles of shoes to view. Change the width to narrow and you’ll see 77. Yup, just 77 styles, not even 5% of what is offered. I’m aware that there are cost constraints for stores to carry all products in all sizes, but they could offer “shipped directly from manufacturer”. Personally, I’m willing to wait a bit longer for shoes that I don’t need to use an insole liner to hopefully take up the extra width. This only works in some cases as the heel in a medium shoe is also wider than a narrow width which makes heel slip a problem. Thanks for keeping us fresh and up to date.

    • Renee says:

      I have the same challenge. Marmi shoes sells Vaneli. Munro shoes offers narrow as does Walking Cradles. I’ve had success with all three but it is still a struggle for me as well.

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