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  1. Victoria says:

    Kathysue recommended your blog and I am happy she did. You have great style at any age (and great hair, BTW). I am a woman of a certain age — plus 10 years, at least — who loves and has always loved fashion. I am looking forward to seeing your future posts.

    • says:

      that Kathysue is a sweetheart for mentioning my blog! thanks, Victoria, for taking her advice to heart and dropping me a note. it truly means a lot. fashion is such a great unifier for women don’t you think? age doesn’t matter, race doesn’t matter, income doesn’t matter. we just love it for what it is.

      xxoo beth

  2. Joanne says:

    I popped on over from a Good Life of Design. Can you tell me how tall you are? It makes a difference in the styles we can wear, as you know. Off to check out past posts.

    • says:

      hi joanne! thanks, for stopping by. i am closer to 5’8″ than 5’7″. i think i’ll post this in my bio as you are not the first to ask this question.

      xxoo beth

      • Joanne says:

        Perfect, as I’m 5’8. I love your style, so will be a regular reader. I like to stay current without dressing too young for my age.
        Is it possible show us how an outfit would look like with flats, as well as heels? I have foot issues, and no longer wear heals unless I’m in a dress.

  3. Nancy says:

    I’m following Kathy Sue’s suggestion and stopping in! I’m thrilled to find your blog! I dress similar to your style and find the classics are timeless. Finding the right shoes that are comfortable, fashionable and decently priced can be a challenge for me.

    It’s a pleasure to find a blog for the mature woman who loves fashion and wants to look beautiful. I look forward to some great, inspiring blogs. Thank You!

  4. Candis says:

    I ran across your blog, thanks to Kathysue! I am 66 and find it hard to see fashions for my age! I’m 26 in my heart and appreciate you take on fashion! Thank you!

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