blue jean mama

  1. Mimi Gregor says:

    I love the cardigan! Unfortunately, that style does not work well on me. I am very short (5 feet even), and boxy styles tend to make me look dumpy, whereas a tall person can pull it off and look smashing. Even the tuck vs. untuck is a problem for me. I must tuck all my tops in, unless it happens to be a long tunic worn over a matching bottom. The reason is that my legs are shorter in proportion to my torso, and “untucking” makes them look even shorter.

    One of the things I do when I try things on and don’t like them on me as opposed to on the hanger is to analyze why. This is a great way to learn what works and doesn’t work for you. Once you take the time to find out why something doesn’t work, it saves time in the long run, because you can just look at something and rule it out: “No… boxy jackets don’t work for me…. No… warm colors make me look sallow.”

    • beth djalali says:

      Hi Mimi,
      It sounds as if you understand how important proportions are when dressing for your body type. That’s one of the key ingredients to dressing well!

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