blazer basics

  1. Great outfit! And, yes, figuring out what looks good on you and creating a uniform is definitely a good idea. I always love the fun touches you add to your outfits!

  2. donnanance says:

    The sweater and the fringed bag add a lot of fun to your “uniform”. I totally agree with Miss Andrea…figure out what looks good on you and stick to it. It’s the unexpected touches that keep it from becoming ordinary.

  3. jess says:

    I love this “uniform” so put together . I sooo love the frenchie sweater, my brother just got one as a pup, Jack, so cute! Why can’t I find a shih tzu sweater/ top? ☺ love the bag too
    http://Www.elegantlydressedandstylish. com

    • beth djalali says:

      this sweater is one of my favorites as we had an english bulldog for years! even though this has a frenchie on it i can’t help but think of buster every time i wear it. i’ll keep my eyes out for a shih tzu sweater if you keep your eyes out for a german shepherd sweater.
      xxoo beth

  4. Eva Pastor says:

    that is my “kind of Uniform” You look put together and classy! Well you always look classy and put together!!!

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