6 New Mediterranean Recipes

  1. Liz says:

    What can I substitute for the anchovies?

    • Hi Liz, As a general rule, you can sub Worcestershire Sauce; or soy sauce, or just plain old salt for anchovy. I Hope that answers your question! xo Kelly

  2. Ellen says:

    Look forward to these, Kelly. I love your writing style; clicks with me, Wondering about the keratin treatment: is it worth it? I have frizzy greyish hair so it might not work on that,

    • Hello Ellen, Thanks so much! About the keratin treatment, the only catch I understood was having hair of at least a certain length. For instance, Beth mentioned to me that her hair is too short. My hair was mid-neck length and I got the treatment done before it was cut to chin length. I hope that helps a little. I would ask your stylist what might work for you. xo Kelly

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