fridays with oscar

  1. Maria João says:

    Oscar looks very happy on those pictures. Have a nice weekend. Love your sandals.

  2. Nancy Hvale Hunt says:

    Love your outfit for these hot summer days. I always enjoy Fridays with Oscar. He looks like a big, gentle, baby boy!

  3. Liv says:

    Always enjoy reading these posts. Beautiful outfit, like always!


  4. Sue Smith says:

    I hear you–it’s been equally as hot here in our neck of the woods–shorts are a very good idea, and those are perfect. I saw that shirt–if it’s the one with embroidered dots on it, I really liked that! Looks great.

    You truly look like the dog whisperer here–Oscar is intent on your every move. And your porch is looking good–the window boxes do often need a mid-summer replacement when flowers start to get root-bound. I really like those window box containers–they’re perfect the way they wrap around the railings there.
    Enjoy that iced tea and have a relaxing weekend! I’m very happy it’s Friday, although where the heck is July going–this summer is moving way too fast!

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