The Importance of Self-Care

  1. Charlene Burroughs says:

    Fabulous as always!!!

  2. Christi says:

    VERY cute outfit! Another great red polish is Essie’s Pampered Lady. And loved your baaaad joke; really made me chuckle. Thank you for keeping us focused on what will keep us healthy.

  3. RORY says:

    LOVE those red shiny shoes. I like the outfit with splashes of red.

  4. Julie Berger says:

    thanks for great joke! and for today’s ootd – it’s so happy!

  5. Maggie says:

    Love a pop of red!!!! Adorable outfit!

  6. Samantha says:

    Valentine’s Day sweaters – an absolute no, you couldn’t even pay me to wear one.

    My sister and provide some entertainment for ourselves by writing to each other in the style of Miss Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice. It’s silly but you have to put some effort in to finding the right terminology and apply a bit of imagination. Cooking has become instructing Cook, yard work is now overseeing the gardener etc. And the excitement of receiving an actual letter in this digital age is surprising.

  7. Greta Davis says:

    Beth, you forgot one more important event that happens in February. Black history month🖤

  8. RORY says:

    I like your new glasses. They look awesome on you.

  9. Susan Haggerty says:

    I agree 100% regarding self care. I am just starting this practice. Exercise is key at this age. My life leaves little room for just me but, I have learned how to fit in exercise every day. If I have 5 minutes, I pick up my hand weights to work my arms, etc. I may do this sporadically several times during the day working different body parts. I was surprised at how this lifted my spirits. I have had gotten to a point of feeling weak. Time to get strong!

  10. Arna says:

    I always forget to put “me” on my to-do list. I am retired, so I should have more time, but I babysit our new grandson 4 days a week, so the other 3 days are “catch-up” on everything at our new home. I am able to do yoga when he naps, and we try to take a long walk every day. I want to be the best Grammy I can be, and that means staying healthy and fit.

  11. Judy Holmes says:

    Beth: Your words are not trite at all! I found myself almost holding my breath during the pandemic – essentially, putting my life on hold. Happily, I kicked into gear living my life in ways that make sense. Thanks for your recognition that many people are stuck on hold right now & we all need some kind words to help us add some oomph to our get-up & go!

  12. Jan says:

    What a timely post! For me, this pandemic magnified all aspects of my little world. What I missed mostly was contact with my family and friends. It was easy to slide into a slump and lose focus on all those little things that you so clearly laid out today. My chosen word for 2020 was intentional and this will be my intent to focus on a better me.
    I love all your suggestions, from nail polish to a favorite game! Lighting a candle, brewing a favorite tea or reading a new novel. Exercise is foremost on my intent and healthy eating. One day at a time…

  13. Love this post and the fact that you gave some practical tips on how to kick off self care. If a person hasn’t made self care a priority, the last thing they need in my opinion is somebody just telling them what to do. I enjoy this blog. Thanks for posting.

  14. Nancy B. says:

    Thanks for the game ideas. I haven’t heard of any of them. I’ll be ordering 1 or 2.

  15. Diana says:

    Hi Beth! Love your Valentine’s outfit (and ALL of your outfits!) Do you have links to the LOVE sweater and red shoes? Thanks so much!! Diana

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