non-negotiables for fall

  1. Eve says:

    Give me my blue sweater, my blue jeans, my blue suede boots and my white quilted jacket and I’m in my element. I don’t own a poncho right now but I like them. They just take up too much room in my closet.

  2. Stella says:

    Beth, just a thank you for your blog! It brightens my day and gives me a new zest for dressing myself. I have introduced my 86 year old mother who lives in South Africa to your blog this morning and she subscribed 😁. Thanks for your hard work and effort to make all this possible for us gals! 🌸🤗

  3. Vicky says:

    Thanks for your common sense of fashion. Love my jeans & sweater with several choices for next layer…poncho, blazer, down vest, colored denim jackets! Question: belt or no belt? Also how tall are socks to be worn with “booties”? (Should they show, or not?) Fall has finally arrived this week in the MidWest!🍁

    • Beth Djalali says:

      so many choices! i always love to throw a belt on with any outfit but sometimes i opt not to. i really just go with what i’m feeling that day. and socks? well, i think it’s fun to show them off sometimes especially when they have a fun pattern or print. enjoy these beautiful days!

  4. Sharon says:

    I just can’t get into the short length jeans. I am tall and they look like high water pants on me. I love the look, but give me full length jeans.

  5. I just received the gray and cream ruana from Banana Republic and I just love it. Is so soft. So glad I ordered it. Couldn’t resist it and you showed another way to wear it on today’s post. I can hardly wait to wear it. Thanks Beth, you always look so pulled together. That’s why you are my favorite post to read.

  6. Maeve says:

    Like the look and to see it w/o the ruana as well as with it. I wonder what it would look like with black or charcoal jeans, perhaps slimmer ones? The sweater is a really nice neutral!

  7. Debra Peal says:

    Hello Beth, love your site! I’m trying something different this fall and just buying a few basic pieces. What do you think about a camel pea coat from llbean. I live in north Georgia so not terribly cold. Thank you!

  8. Meg Knox says:

    Hi Beth from Down Under….yet again we are approaching summer as you enjoy the Fall. Love the outfit you are wearing! Thank you for a great daily blog – I appreciate your hard work and enjoy every thing you write about. What happened to the Pixie cut? I see you have grown it out- probably warmer for winter lol. If only we could pick the “gray” colour of our hair – there are so many varieties but I love your even colour. Thankyou from Meg Down Under

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