aging naturally and gracefully

  1. Your skin looks beautiful! Great tips. I have used Clinique products for years and just recently have added Elemis moisturizers for day and night. Love them. Thanks for the suggestion on that product. Yes, I washed my face as a teen and remember the blue bottle of noxzema lol. What white jeans and blue top are you wearing in this post? Love the top.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      the white jeans are Frame they’ve been linked quite a few times ‘cuz they’re my go-to white denim this year. the top is Theory a year or so old.

  2. Sylvia Espinoza says:

    Ah, Noxzema…the memory of its tingle on our freshly-washed face is vivid! It pays to self-care. Now and then someone will vocalize how healthy and vibrant you look. Payoff! The 5-Year Anniversary since connecting to you is next month. Thank you again for Style At A Certain Age 💕

  3. Jill Bakeman says:

    Great skin care advice! Darling blue sweater–may I ask where it’s from?

  4. Very nice tips
    Thank you Beth for all that information.
    There is so much in the market, that is over whelming!!

  5. I highly recommend the Vichy products, they are really working well on my skin.

  6. Val Liberator says:

    Hi Beth,
    Ive been following you for the last few weeks ; we are the same age & I hear you! ‘Made your granola; & Now I also eat breakfast@12:00! Its a new learning curve. All helpful advice. Thankyou.
    ‘Love the gold collar necklace you wear with blue sweater- any idea where I can find it? Thanks so much!

  7. Julie says:

    Hi Beth, I have used Prai skincare on occasion I really like it for the neck and throat. I did try their face creams but I found them far too rich for me, although I’m 62 next month I still have to use light gel type moisturisers which I take as a good thing.
    Love the sweater, you look amazing xoxo

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