fall sweater weather

  1. Love this outfit! Love Ann Taylor clothes. Classy and reasonable prices. They have a lot of sales also. I usually don’t do turtlenecks though unless it is really cold out. Will do a crew neck, etc. I have a brown cinnamon color long sweater from last year that will work also and can still do the leopard belt. Classy simple outfit Beth.

  2. Celine Stanasolovich says:

    Love the look today!! Harvest orange is one of my favorite colors. Looks great on you.

    • maeve says:

      (Celine, excuse me for replying to you, but the website would not let me comment. Totally agree with you BTW).
      My only caveat on this outfit is, I think the duster has too much volume. Beth, you are so elegant that a ‘skinnier’ look would accentuate your look.

  3. Debbie says:

    You look great! Lovin the orange!

  4. Judy Yung says:

    The orange pumps with the orange sweater make this outfit a knock out!

  5. Cheryll Sampson says:

    Love the orange duster. It speaks of fall so clearly.

  6. Bonnie Davis says:

    Beth, I LOVE this fall outfit and could see myself wearing it. In recent years, I’ve come to love orange and all shades of it as it is so festive! Love the shoes and the sweater here. Last year I bought a long rust-colored cardigan from Ann Taylor and wore it quite a bit.

    One question: did you buy the LV bag new or used? I can’t afford to spend $1000 on a purse so would have to get one that’s been “gently used”.

  7. Dawn Reese says:

    Shoes are my absolute weakness. At one time I had over 100 pair. Unfortunately I had to get rid of a bunch to make room for my daughter and her daughters to move in with me. I try my hardest to get rid of a pair when I buy a pair but it is soooo difficult. Love, love your shoes shown here.

  8. Gloria says:

    Orange is my favorite color! You rocked that sweater and shoes. Love it! Perfectly chic outfit for fall. Hope you got some great fashion inspiration in NYC as well!

  9. Christine Illius says:

    Dear Beth – it’s been awhile since I’ve commented – but lady, you look fabulous! I’d love to see a post on your daily/weekly routine, from exercise to meals! I know it’s taking a lot of work over the last two years but you are radiating and are in great shape!!! So envious (in a good way!) Best regards, Chris from Northeast Ohio

  10. Christine Illius says:

    OH – BTW – these jeans are so super flattering on you and shows off your svelte physique – inspiration to us other 60 somethings

    Have a great day! Chris

  11. D says:

    Everything about this outfit is gorgeous. All of it works together in such a harmonious way. You nailed it again!

  12. Eva Rose Tafolo says:

    Beth, I absolutely love this outfit.You look so fabulous and classy!

  13. Kim says:

    Love the look and the fall fabulous orange today, Beth. I’d wear this in a heartbeat.
    Could you share tips for matching the right shoes (with heels and without heels) with the various styles of jeans and pants?

  14. Nancy says:

    Love this outfit! You look terrific in it!
    Persimmon/orange is not in the color palette I wear, but it sure looks shape and of course, perfect for fall. Love those kitten heels.

  15. Sandra says:

    Hi Beth
    The shows I would recommend are MLB playoffs to the World Series and a little NFL thrown in for good measure.
    I’m going to check out your choices!
    Get home safe and sound,

  16. Vikki Andrees says:

    No sweaters in Florida. It’s hot! But you look fabulous as always!

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