Elevate Your Casual Wardrobe With a Utility Jacket

  1. Susan Kelley says:

    All the books pictured are good reads.Surviving Savannah is quite interesting espcially, if one is living in the South. IT just adds more history. Not much that really good out thee. I read a lot and haven’t found much at all. I guess they are all waiting until colder weather to publish!

  2. Lindsey A says:

    I feel like it has been a while since I’ve read anything I truly loved – probably last summer with “Once there were wolves” (fictional account that follows a character who is working to reintroduce wolves to the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland, following how successful it was here to reintroduce them to Yellowstone. And themes of domestic violence, trigger warning).

    Two novels that I’ve enjoyed quite a bit recently have been “The unsinkable Greta James” and “One Italian summer”, both of which are about women coming to terms with the loss of their mothers and very timely for me as I lost mine last October. These books helped me process more. And normally I don’t read thrillers (I get scared too easily!) but I just finished ‘Breathless’ on Sunday night, on day 2 of reading and let’s just say it definitely made for a bad nights sleep lol! I need to remember that thrillers need to be started on a Friday and finished on a Saturday, not started on a Saturday!

    Next on my list are ‘Bittersweet: how sorrow and longing make us whole’ (non-fiction, continuing with my grief processing, obvs), and ‘Take my hand’ which is historical fiction based on our appalling history of using African American girls as unknowing guinea pigs for experimental contraception.

  3. beth byrd says:

    Love your look today — stylish and comfortable. I’m really fond of the jacket, too! The last two Elizabeth George books have been fantastic (if you’re a fan of British police dramas) … “The Punishment She Deserves” and “Something to Hide.” They are 600-page +, but you’ll enjoy every page. Intelligent, well-thought out plot, interesting characters.

  4. SC Lady says:

    I was fortunate to hear Patti Callahan Henry speak at our local library several years ago. She had just published “the favorite daughter”. It’s a good one.
    Many in the audience asked questions about her book “Becoming Mrs. Lewis”. I was so intrigued by her answers, I also read this book. It is great!! The love story between C. S. Lewis and Joy Davidman.
    Using your look today for inspiration to attend Garden Club this week. Thanks!!!

  5. Linda says:

    Love the look and the longer hairstyle!
    Very feminine!

  6. Nancy B says:

    Hi Beth, it’s late but I just read your post. Love it as usual. So excited to hear you’re doing a book club! I’m a voracious reader and retired English teacher. I’m currently reading a book that I’m finding absolutely fascinating! It’s non-fiction, “Mutant Message Down Under” by Marlo Morgan. Hope you get around to reading it at some point, would love to know what you think of it.

  7. Patti says:

    Black Cake

    The Magnolia Palace

    The lives of Marjorie Post

  8. Mary says:

    Love a utility jacket.

    A few books I read lately that I enjoyed:
    One Italian Summer
    The Tobacco Wives

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