Casual But Stylish Ways to Wear Linen Pants

  1. I all ready have the v-neck slub top and I have a pair of linen pants that would work nicely with it.
    Love how you put them together. Stylish as usual.

  2. Georgia Peach says:

    So cute! I live in linen come Summer.
    Got in on Talbot’s 50% off yesterday. Wow!
    Did u have lunch at Marti’s? Yum,I love stopping in there. They’re so sweet .
    Sorry the storms interrupted the 4th festivities. Hope you got your yard tidied up..I detest those thunderstorms that make such a mess.
    Have a great day!

  3. Nancy says:

    Put together beautifully as usual Beth! I get very frustrated with finding pants. I love the pants that you’re showing, but I can’t wear drawstring pants because of my, shall we say, rounded stomach! I never wear anything tucked in, so even when I do wear some old drawstring pants, I end up having a lump unless I can successfully tuck the string in. Oh well. Do you ever wear tunics or overblouses? I’d love to see some of them modeled with pants, so that the emphasis is off the stomach area, but still stylish!

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