bedtime rituals for a great night’s rest

  1. Paula Meyers says:

    I always look forward to your daily posts and enjoy the information you provide. Today you told us about a product to help with sleep. I am one of those individuals that has difficulty. I also have anxiety and have been taking a prescribed medication to help with that. I went to dosist health to get more information on this product and realized that this is a drug that potentially could interact with other medications. Although this product sounds helpful I hope everyone checks with a professional especially if they take other medications to be sure this is safe for them.

  2. Andrea says:

    Flowers and socks 🥰. I started knitting merino wool socks while recovering from a broken foot and love to sleep in them during chilly nights as my feet sometimes ache with cold. Fresh air and sunshine, even it’s just sitting on a deck or balcony, if you have mobility issues, is a very underrated stress buster – even for kids. Adore those PJs, drool every time you wear them.

    As for arthritis, and my doctor confirmed this, Omega-3 fish oil capsules work wonders to relieve inflammation. It is important to use high dose, so 1170mg works for me. Also important are the EPA & DHA levels, which should be 400 & 200 respectively. And of course, as that other lady mentioned, check with your Dr. for interactions. The Silver Lining (lol), is that it keeps my wrinkles at bay 👏.

  3. Mary says:

    Beth- Love your ideas but this last thought about gummies is a terrible tip. As a Dental wife who also helped part time in my husband’s practice, eating gummies directly before falling asleep is an open invitation for major cavities. Another thought is the high rate of college age cavities which is due to eating gummies and hard candy before sleep.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      i will point out that dosist offers sleep drops as well which i shared today. but i will add that the consistency of these gummies is different than gummy candy and the grams of sugar that cause cavities. dosist gummies have 1.9 grams of sugar compared to 14-19 grams in a typical gummy bear, depending on the brand. as always check with your health care provider and be your own self-advocate.

  4. Lynda Beaulieu says:

    Beth, I needed this post so much! As soon as I stated reading it I stopped and grabbed a pen and pad. I have suffered with insomnia for years and am trying to wean myself off of Doxcilimine. I saw my PCP and she suggested Cammomile tea as well. I am going to try every idea you suggested! I just ordered the cbd gummies, but in my haste did not read far enough, and missed out on your offered code. I will also try their Relief lotion as I also have pain in my hands.. Hey, I think I’ll order it now so I can use your code! Lol. Now, in search of silk pj’s and cashmere socks.( not a hot commodity in FL.

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