5 Comfortable and Stylish Airport Travel Outfits

  1. Mary says:

    I liked all of the choices although the blazer was way over my price range

  2. Nancy B. says:

    Love the easy looks of outfits #2 and #3. I already own pieces like these in my wardrobe. Your posts are always so spot on , Beth! Thank you!

  3. Debbie says:

    Great variety of outfits and price points…how about linking the carry on bags and the suitcase you use.

  4. Linda L says:

    Great advice to look stylish while traveling! My husband and I travel quite a bit now that we’re retired and in the last few years what I see at the airport is appalling. I avoid a dress for travel because the planes are frigid but I do love those Brooklyn pants from Athleta!

  5. Laura says:

    I’d love to see how you pack for a trip. I could never manage to get that many outfits and shoes in one small suitcase. Love the dickey jacket. Wish there was a more affordable clone of the idea! All your choices are beautiful.

  6. Joan says:

    Your point about being dressed nicely and comfortably is well taken. When I am dressed appropriately, I find it gives me more confidence to interact with others. All of your outfits are lovely!

  7. Alec says:

    When interning during law school, my daughter went directly to the airport from work. She was waiting for a flight when a ticket agent came over and asked if she would like to sit in first class. Of course she said yes and had a great flight. It’s never happened again, but her friends and family all dress smartly for any type of travel now.

  8. Sally says:

    All your articles are wonderful’ I like to dress well anywhere I go and I like to dress comfortable but stylish you do a very good job thank you

  9. Lael Arrington says:

    Beth, this post is a perfect example of why I follow your blog. Not specifically for travel, but for helping me bust out of my fashion box. Last year I bought my first hoodie from Talbots–a gray one with a black and white leopard silkish tie. It’s fairly lightweight, yet I never wore it with a vest or jacket because, in my fashion box, the hood would lump underneath, right? And I *never* thought out of my box about popping the hood out over the collar of a jacket or vest and arranging it to frame my face as you have here. Great look! So yesterday I wore my hoodie and a black quilted shacket (similar to what you are wearing in the hoodie pic) and shopped and ran errands so enjoying the elevated style. Also look forward to wearing it w my black/gray houndstooth knit blazer. Thanks for busting my box!

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