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we’ve talked a lot about the importance of looking and feeling our best during these unprecedented times.  in fact, on Monday, we took the question does fashion still matter head on.  we came to the conclusion that it’s important to maintain our routines to the best of our ability and carve out some semblance of normalcy.  totally difficult to do, especially now that many if not most of us are working from home.  if this is the first extended period of time you’ve been asked to do so, it can be challenging.  no doubt.  and one of  the obvious question then becomes:  what to wear when working from home? 

almost ironically, from the perspective of selection, it may be one of the better times to be working from home. athleisure has come such a long way over the past few years:  it’s possible now to be totally comfortable while still looking good.  to this end, today, i’ve put together a little tutorial for you all.  i’ve got 3 pairs of comfy pants worn 6 different ways.  hopefully it will inspire you to shop your closet and put together outfits that make you look and feel good as we all navigate the work from home situation.  

dreamy pajama jogger pant

i’m loving this pajama jogger pant from J.Crew—might be the comfiest of the three.  

outfit 1 

 i’ve styled these pants two ways.  the first is a simple, classic and neutral look featuring a white popover from Talbots. and how cute are these animal print flats?  

pajama jogger pant | similar pant | popover | shoe | similar shoe

outfit 2

need a color pop? take the same joggers, but this time, pair them with a striped pullover.  perfect for those cooler spring days we’re still getting here in Athens.  and also perfect for when that AC kicks on when it shouldn’t. 

pajama jogger pant | similar pant | similar pullover | similar pullover 2 | similar shoes

soft stretch linen pants

next up is a pair of green linen pants old, similar here) styled 2 ways.  do you love linen as much as i do?  super airy and comfortable and transition perfectly into summer.  

outfit 3

our third outfit is very similar to our first.  i’ve got a white collarless tuxedo shirt (old, similar here) and sandals from J.Crew.  a neutral base again, but if you’re looking for a little more color, we’ve got you covered. 

linen pants | tuxedo shirt | sandals

outfit 4

a denim jacket is an essential spring item.  full stop.  we talked about how to wear a jean jacket on the blog yesterday, if you’re looking for more inspiration.  but look how well it pairs with our green linen pants.  i’ve got a striped tee underneath.  but anything would work here, especially a fun graphic tee. 

linen pants | similar jacket | similar jacket 2 | similar shirt | similar shirt 2 | shoes

soft blend sweatpants

the final pant we’re featuring in our what to wear when working from home is a Loft’s take on a true classic grey sweatpant

outfit 5

nothing says work from home like a sweatshirt and sweatpant. i’ve gone monochromatic here, but you don’t have to.  anything, and i mean anything goes with a gray sweatpant.  try a cashmere hoodie if you’re looking for true comfort.  or go with a tee—long or shortsleeved.  you can’t go wrong, and no doubt you’ll be able to shop your closet for this one.  

sweatshirt | sweatpants | sandals


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  1. Elizabeth Smith wrote:

    Hi Beth I love the denim jacket and striped t-shirt look, also the grey jogger and sweatshirt, I have just purchased a grey sweatshirt jumpsuit with hood, so stylish and comfy!

    Posted 4.8.20
    • that grey jumpsuit sounds adorable!

      Posted 4.9.20
  2. Donna wrote:

    Are the green linen pants you’re wearing the same ones you linked to? Hem and pockets appear to be different.

    Posted 4.8.20
    • the green linen pants i am wearing are from Loft about six months ago. we linked a similar pair.

      Posted 4.9.20
  3. Vicki wrote:

    👍 for today’s work from home outfits . Finishing my fourth week quarantined and needed some fresh ideas.
    Thanks for the great ideas Beth .

    Posted 4.8.20
    • so glad you found some inspiration today!

      Posted 4.9.20
  4. Cindy L wrote:

    Beautiful ensembles, Beth! All of these outfits look neat and comfy, but attractive too. As we all agree, it’s important to stay optimistic and do whatever we can to feel good, productive, and comfortable as we get through this. Thank you.

    Posted 4.8.20
    • and we’re all doing our best to stay positive! there’s a link between how we feel and how we dress. but you already knew that.

      Posted 4.9.20
  5. Mary Ryan wrote:

    Comfort is important, especially these days, but I’d suggest going the other way: Colorful clothes, lightweight fave jewelry, cute flats or sandals, and whatever else makes you feel a little bolt of joy when you look at yourself. Now’s the time to practice really dressing for ourselves (and our dates-for-life and kids if they’re underfoot) rather than for the outside world. Beauty, like faith and the arts, help us humans transcend circumstances. So rock on, stylish ladies of a certain age!

    Posted 4.8.20
    • love your suggestions, mary! adding jewelry to our outfit is the best way to inject our personality.

      Posted 4.9.20
  6. jan wrote:

    Cute, fun clothes and you look so nice with your hair and make up done and jewelry on. What room are you in? Has this room been showcased?
    Thanks for the bit of joy each morning.

    Posted 4.8.20
    • no, we haven’t shared this room on the blog. we have a walkout basement and this is a corner of our finished family room.

      Posted 4.9.20
  7. Ana Fernandez wrote:

    Love everything you post!

    Posted 4.8.20
  8. Suzanne M Smith wrote:

    These are cute looks and they look very comfortable, too. I am so glad that the days where we women all had to wear suits and stockings with heels every single day at work are long gone. So much more comfortable and yet chic to try lots of different looks. And now with people working from home, it definitely makes sense to look good but be comfortable. Thanks for all the efforts you and Jr Style and Kelly put into these posts. Stay safe!

    Posted 4.8.20
    • i so agree with you Sue! hope you are doing well. we’ve finally had a string of beautiful weather so it’s definitely brightened my mood.

      Posted 4.9.20
  9. cathy ogi wrote:

    Feel especially sorry for people like you, already dealing with something hard-then to have this time of the virus added on. Praying for you.

    Posted 4.8.20
    • that’s very thoughtful of you to say, cathy. thank you.

      Posted 4.9.20
  10. Dinah KENNEDY wrote:

    Dear Beth,
    Horrors! The Yumprint website has disappeared and so have all your great recipes for “in the pan” meals and cocktails. We are in lockdown in NZ and I wanted to cook one of your Friday night dinners and found out only in the last few days.
    Any chance you could attach the collection to one of your emails in the near future, please?
    Lucky you going into summer- we are heading into winter down here!
    Dinah Kennedy

    Posted 4.8.20
    • we are working on getting the recipes back up and running. technical glitch! ugh.

      Posted 4.9.20
  11. Maria j Johns wrote:

    I love the green pants. I looked at a pair at LOFT and was afraid I was too old to wear them….you look wonderful. (i am 58 and not yet retired, just quarantined)

    Share you thoughts. Thanks, Maria

    Posted 4.8.20
    • i love my green joggers, maria! they go with just about everything and they’re so comfy to wear.

      Posted 4.9.20
  12. Eve wrote:

    They look so comfortable and in our situation today, that is priority for me. No one is likely to drop by and in a way, that’s a good thing. I’m getting more done just knowing that. I actually can have my tea at 5 o’clock when I feed the cat still in my pjs because there’s no rush to get going early. By the time I get the house opened up and make coffee, I’m already laying out plans for a busy day without interruptions. My DH is busy with his music, so far so good.

    Posted 4.8.20
    • i am happy to hear you are finding some normalcy with your day to day routine. take care.

      Posted 4.9.20

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