what to wear to girls’ night out

it’s been a moment since my book club convened, but we’re back. yes! today’s post is all about what to wear to a girls’ night out. many of you know i host an online Facebook group opens in a new windowbook club with Style. this month we’re reading opens in a new windowThe Bohemians by New York Times bestseller Jasmine Darznik. Jasmine will join us for an in-person video chat on May 25th that you don’t want to miss! but i also meet with a lovely and lively local book club every month. love my book club gal pals! Covid disrupted the club this past year along with so many things that add joy to our lives. but hey, we’re back in action after a long hiatus. this month yours truly hosted the club in my backyard, so come join in on the fun!

what was our book selection this month? it’s a fun read i suggest you listen to on an audiobook instead of reading. the cast was a-ma-zing and quite entertaining! opens in a new windowDaisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid. my book club loved it as it’s an easy read that transported us back to our youth. the book is loosely based on popular 70s band Fleetwood Mac. anyone remember Rumors? that album was on repeat for months and months in my home. if i remember correctly my parents were driven to distraction as i hogged the best stereo in the house located in our living room. Dreams is still one of my all-time favorite songs to this day.

girls night out

time to dust off the patio furniture and get the wine and soft drinks out. nothing fancy, but i do like to have a little something available for my guests. as far as glasses go, i like to have opens in a new windowacrylic on hand to save on breakage. a bar cart (old, opens in a new windowsimilar here) comes in handy for a mini soiree. this year i added a opens in a new windowwicker beverage cooler that has an insulated basin to keep drinks cool on a hot summer day. but i love opens in a new windowgalvanized buckets too.

opens in a new windowCaspari napkins and opens in a new windowbamboo melamine platter from opens in a new windowBallard Designs.

what to wear to girls’ night out? an opens in a new windowembroidered top from opens in a new windowTalbots, of course! opens in a new windowwhite straight-leg jeans from Frame (i sized up one size to a 30) fit like a dream and feel light and airy. opens in a new windowmetallic slingbacks are back in action as they’re as cute as they are comfy. for a pop of color, opens in a new windowcoral bracelets will do the trick.

the opens in a new windowwicker beverage cooler comes with a handy dandy cap opener.

opens in a new windowacrylic glasses and opens in a new windowsimilar galvanized bucket

opens in a new windowdenim | opens in a new window blouse | opens in a new windowshoes | opens in a new windowbracelet

opens in a new windowpropane firepit | opens in a new windowsimilar patio chairs

it’s Wednesday, gang, time to put a smile on someone’s face, including yours.


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  1. Well, for sure, this post put a smile on my face. I loved Daisy Jones and the Six–one of my favorites of 2021 so far. Your book club sounds so fun and your backyard is so pretty. I know you will enjoy it.

    Posted 5.12.21
  2. Sylvia Espinoza wrote:

    You’ve put a smile on my face, Beth! Head-to-toe loveliness. Perfection. Your yard, too! Cherry on top is the presence of friends who love what you love. Fabulous Wednesday post! ~

    Posted 5.12.21
  3. Susan wrote:

    Thanks for the book recommendations. On the List!Thanks

    Posted 5.12.21
  4. Jackie wrote:

    I loved that top and tried it on (medium). I so disappointed in how it fit…bulky and boxy. What did you do to them hem to make it look more fitted at the bottom? Tucks?

    Posted 5.12.21
    • yes, tucks are the answer to boxy shirts, sweaters or tees. mine is tucked in the back which allows the front to fold nicely down.

      Posted 5.12.21
  5. Your outfit is cute and casual. Love your backyard! All the renovation and flowers. Beautiful! I bought flowers a 9 days ago and planted the pansies in hanging baskets and other flowers are waiting to either go in pots or the ground. I bring out of the garage every day and my husband takes them back into the garage every night. We have had really chilly evenings. Last night was 30. It is to warm up starting tonight, so anxious to get everything planted. Rah! Enjoy your book club. I am attending a Women’s Bible study group every other Thursday.

    Posted 5.12.21
  6. Nancy Linkov wrote:

    Your back yard looks beautiful and i’m interested in what you served for the bookclub. I could quite see everything clearly in the photo. Thanks so much!

    Posted 5.12.21
  7. Lindsey A wrote:

    OMG I *loved* Daisy Jones and the Six! Reese Witherspoon is producing an adaptation with Amazon TV, I cannot wait.

    If you didn’t already read them, you might also like ‘The Unravelling of Cassidy Jones’ (more of a 90’s Spice Girls/girl band vibe than Daisy’s 70’s sex, drugs, rock-n-roll feel), and ‘The Final Revival of Opal and Nev’, which is also transcript style and more 80’s punk inspired.

    Posted 5.12.21
  8. Kim Kirkegaard wrote:

    Cant wait to read Daisy Jones and the Six! I too was a big fan of Fleetwood Mac! Thanks for the referral! I just purchased the online Apple book

    Posted 5.12.21
  9. Eve wrote:

    It is a lovely setting for a meet up and the weather looks perfect. You look casual but chic as do the other ladies. Good food. Good fun. It’s the simple things like this I missed most. Here’s to a no mask life again,

    Posted 5.12.21
  10. Sandra wrote:

    Beth, girl, you sure know how to live! You live your life with style and I love it! Very inspiring. I look forward to your posts. And yes, Fleetwood Mac.

    Posted 5.12.21
  11. Barb S wrote:

    Beth, your yard is gorgeous!!! I wish I could join your group. Looks like so much fun!!!

    Posted 5.12.21
  12. Teresa wrote:

    I love everything about this! Your style is perfect!

    Posted 5.12.21
  13. Very nice group Beth I am glad that you have a book club group, I heart they are a lot of fun.

    Posted 5.12.21

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