What I Packed For the Beach

  1. Gay says:

    I enjoy your blog for the variety of your content….it is always a joy to read. I chuckled when I saw your stitch down pleated skirt….my sister is visiting and we both remember having those in our closet when we were in high school.
    I love your hair in the latest blog post! Thanks for the interesting blog.

  2. Nancy B says:

    Hi Beth! Can’t get enough of your packing lists. You have really helped me learn to streamline what to take on a trip. Love the outfits you’ve styled especially the Petite Plume nightgown and duster. They look very travel friendly. Petite Plume is new to me, will have to check them out. Also, been meaning to tell you how much I enjoy your son Alex’s Spotify list! I get such a kick out of all the good ol’ tunes and he always introduces me to something new and worthwhile listening to. Please tell him to keep them coming!

  3. Love the pleated skirt and the navy duster.
    Thank you for such entretaining blog!!
    Beth wish of hour kids is the one that is getting married?
    My favorite is the one with the darker longer hair
    Thank you again

  4. J. Ann says:

    Very nicely curated collection for a beach vaca, perfectly capturing the relaxed attitude with style. Love the striped sandals and how cute you look in shorts! Thanks for the interesting blog and hope you enjoy your holiday!

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