timeless, classic tweed blazer

  1. Doxylover says:

    Hi Beth. I love your blog. Just wanted you to know when I click a link to an item it doesn’t take me anywhere to purchase. Links not working. Take care!

  2. Lindsey A says:

    I love this type of look! I was lucky to be gifted a string of pearls (from girlfriends, for my 30th) that is long enough to come to my knees! So I can wrap them 5 times which gives such a dramatic look. One of my fave ways to style them is to pair them with a tweed jacket inspired cardigan (as a NE England girl in SF bay area I’m always running hot, esp now with menopausal hot flushes!) and it is such a stylish and classic look, I always feel good in that outfit.

    Piles of pearls with a navy dress and red shoes is such a beautiful look too. One of my favourites for a wedding. Elegant, classy, timeless, and most importantly, understated – to keep focus on the bride, which is where it should be.

    In fact, I’m wearing simple pearl drop earrings now with a Pendleton long sleeved dark blue t-shirt and jeans, just to sit at my desk working from home! Your post a few months back about dressing for ourselves got me inspired to dress better even when just home. While my specific jeans today are no longer ones I’d go to the office in – I’ve lost weight so they’re looser than I think looks good – the overall look is still something I’d wear for the end of the week to the office, and that is making me feel better about all this lockdown stuff.

  3. Donna says:

    Guess I’m a throw back to the 60’s classics because I can never adopt the idea of dressy up top with casual on the lower half. I’ve tried but can’t seem to get out the door with it. However, good for you, for changing with the times. Happy New Year!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      classics are tried and true no matter what decade. the trick is how to stay modern and fresh. the high low look is but one way. but if it doesn’t
      suit your taste there are other options. what we don’t want to happen with classic style is to look stodgy and out of date.

  4. Jere L Wright says:

    Love the look, love the classics!

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