The Key to Mastering Denim Trends in 2024

  1. Jill M. Bakeman says:

    Any chance you could send a link to the gorgeous blouse you are wearing with the High Rise Straight Jeans in Vintage Grey Wash? Love it!

  2. Linda Robus says:

    I know the “experts” are steering us away from skinny jeans, but my skinny jeans look so much better on me than wider-leg jeans. For me it must be more what looks good on you than what is trending. I won’t be retiring my skinny jeans anytime soon. I will add a straight, but the wide-leg jeans didn’t look good on me in high school, and they still don’t!!!

  3. Kathleen McDermott says:

    I like and wear my skinnies and straights but am happy we can pick from many different styles of jeans. Though the styles and cuts vary widely, it always comes down to fit. Some of the styles you wear in this post aren’t for me, but they are well made and fit you perfectly – and you style them beautifully.

  4. Katie Damitz says:

    Where are the denim shorts you show from? Checking the post only yields something totally different. Thank you.

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