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  1. Jan Witthuhn says:

    I love T by Talbots. The styles really fit my lifestyle. My latest order is for the gradient-stripe terry hoodie. Can’t wait for it to arrive.

    • Maryanne Rigo says:

      Will be visiting Talbots in Westport again this summer. My American shopping during my visit to the States.

    • I lOVE this! A real woman wearing the clothing and it looks amazingly good! She isn’t a size 2! Yay’

    • Amy Young says:

      Hi Beth! This year it’s been all about the skorts for me. I love that they have so many gorgeous prints this year. They are my go to base piece this summer. I have yet to wear a pair of shorts so far this season. I start with a skort and pick a top and shoes appropriate for the day and accessorize with a cardigan, blazer, hand bag and jewlery based on where I’m headed. In plus size, they average 17 to 19 inches in length. I’m 54 and feel I look age appropriate without being all covered up. I love that they release new prints throughout the summer instead of feeling that what I purchase in May is it for the season. I just got 2 new prints in the mail today. Skorts definitely fit my lifestyle.

  2. Pam says:

    I just ordered two new tees from Talbots yesterday. Love Talbots and recommend them to anyone who has not tried their clothes. I also have 2 pair of shoes from Talbots that are good quality and fit great.

  3. I’ve always lived on the West Coast however I’ve always loved Talbots classic styles. Talbots classic styles don’t seem to appeal to West Coast women as much as east coast women. For a long time I could only shop by catalog, in the past several years 2 stores have opened within driving distance, hooray! One thing I miss terribly are their shoes in narrow sizes, the one place I could get fashionable shoes, casual or dress for my 7 narrow foot. As soon as a new catalog would arrive I’d be looking for their lovely shoes. Most of my favorite clothes in my closet right now are from Talbots. The style and quality last and last.

  4. Susan says:

    Beth, TAlbots is always my go to! Especially love there shoes and accessories! Everything is well made and they often have a sale. What’s not to like?

  5. I am a Talbots sales associate and love to see Beth feature our styles. The pink and white sheath is adorable and can be accesorized in numerous ways. We just brought out our mid-summer line and it is fabulous: soft reds, cream and black and some pastels to get us through August. We are deep in Friends and Family event with 40% off your entire purchase. Stop in a store or go online!

    • Amy Young says:

      I’m always thrilled that the sales don’t exclude new releases as so many other stores do.

  6. Sarah Hollett Hossfeld says:

    I am a Talbots shopper and have been for many years. For summer their shorts and chinos are perfect. Also really love their accessories collection. Most of my dresses come from there as well I look other places for clothes but almost always return to Talbots.

  7. Jane Bilbrough says:

    Talbots has always been my go to for just about everything I wear. They always fit and their plus petite is perfect for me. Just bought their rollup chinos and a beautiful white long cotton blouse with a cutout at the bottom.

  8. Julie Mycock says:

    Hi Beth, we don’t have a Talbot’s here in England but they do have some lovely clothes from what I’ve seen yourself wear xoxo

  9. I ♥ Talbots! I’ve shopped there for many years, and oh, the *sales*! Most recent purchases…a swingy indigo skirt (like you, I ♥ summer skirts & dresses), the impressionistic Lake Como destination tee (beautiful summer pastels), and a lovely turquoise sweater with beaded shells left over from last year. $32 for the $89 sweater @ Memorial Day sale, $13 for the $32 tee with their recent $20 gift promo, and $40+ for the$69 skirt @ 40% off.

    I like the occasional outdoorsy and funky and ironic juxtaposition look, but I love “pretty” and Talbots serves it up with style. Their outfits remind me of Renoir: ““To my mind, a picture should be something pleasant, cheerful, and pretty, yes pretty! There are too many unpleasant things in life as it is without creating still more of them.”

    • Deb says:

      Lael, I couldn’t agree more! As for shopping at Talbots, I’ve shopped there, primarily, for at least 20 years. They have great fitting fashion, beautiful colors, and wonderful sales! Shopping online makes it possible for this arthritis sufferer to still look her best without trudging through stores. Couldn’t love them more!

      • Deb, I was diagnosed w RA at age 29. Walking that road with you. I think that’s another reason I love shopping at Talbots. It’s so easy to access. Parking is close and I don’t have to navigate a large department store or mall to find more possibilities than I do in either the larger stores or the mall.

  10. Jane Barker says:

    I used to love Talbots, but over the years polyester has taken over vs cotton and other natural fabrics. Love the styles, however.

  11. Debbie says:

    I, like all of you, have been a Talbots’ customer for many years. I have a wedding to attend in August. I just purchased a number of items for that event. As mentioned by someone else, the Friends and Family 40% off sale is going on now, and as it is my birthday month I got an additional percentage off. I love Talbots!

  12. Nola says:

    I bought the white/black leopard blouse, the sage and metallic split v-neck, the round bag (denim and straw) and the white jacket with drawstring waist and embroidered cuffs. Everything looks great with the sage jeggings from last summer, white jeans of any length, white cropped cuffed chinos (from another brand) and I have the pink gingham in a jean jacket from two years ago which looks great with denim, white or black pants. That is what is great about Talbots– things don’t go out of style.

  13. Nola says:

    I should add that some of these items I bought after seeing them on your blog! (White jacket and round straw bag!).

  14. C. Dukes says:

    Beth, I have shopped Talbots since the late 80’s. Always classic clothing that NEVER goes out of style. For some reason, I seem to have strayed from them the past few years. I have begun to buy from them again and realize that I will never need another clothing store. Anything you need for any occasion can be purchased from Talbots. I also shop their outlet stores.

  15. Joanie says:

    Hi Beth
    I found your blog through the Talbots website about a year ago. I love Talbots. It is my go to store for wardrobe staples. The classics never go out of style. I have Talbots items that i have worn for years. You look lovely in the pink paisley shift dress. I love pink! Thanks for all of your great fashion ideas and tips.

  16. Suzanne Smith says:

    I have so many clothes from Talbots–and they last! The styles are typically classic but they have a modern touch that keeps them fresh. I love their sheath dresses. I have a few that I wear all summer–they always look good.

  17. Debra Darna says:

    Love, love, love Talbots. I am a classic girl also and I can always find the prettiest outfits there. I like their T by Talbots quality and comfort. Nice to see you model Talbots you look fabulous.

  18. Mary Alice Horos says:

    As a woman “of a certain age”, I have shopped in Talbots for years. They have taken me from my professional wardrobe to my retired wardrobe. The only issue that I have is that their summer collection relies heavily on sleeveless styles. At a certain point in life, our upper arm is not our best feature. Please less sleeveless and never a cap sleeve, that is even worse for the arm. I have spoken with the sales staff about this and they agree and say this is a common complaint.

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