penny lane

  1. Sue Smith says:

    I had seen the dress and blue trench on their site when I visited–they look wonderful! They look like good quality pieces.

    As someone who sewed all my own clothes for years, I can say that yes, the devil is truly in the details. When I was young, my mom used to look at something I’d made, and immediately turn the garment to the inside to see how I’d finished things off–she was looking for french seams, and bound buttonholes, and hem tapes, etc… Her critical eye taught me to make it as nice on the inside as on the outside.

    • beth djalali says:

      i’d love to see some of your workmanship. how wonderful to have a mother with high standards that elevated yours! those moms. as for bound buttonholes… you’re making me want to splurge and buy a sewing machine. i haven’t sewn in years, but is used to with a vengeance – loved it!
      xoxo beth

  2. Monika Monika says:

    I love this outfit, great dress and with that belt – perfect!

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