1. Sue Smith says:

    Fabulous look. You look great in hats! I have some wide-brimmed ones I definitely like to wear in summer when the scorching sun is out in NC. You carry it off with great elan! The dress is a classic–just lovely. “Jackie-esque.”

    And those shoes are fabulous–I’ve seen you wear them before and love ’em! Elegant ensemble.

    • beth djalali says:

      aren’t these the cutest darn shoes, sue?! and the kitten heel is perfect. thanks for noticing! as for a hat on a scorching day, well, i’m happy to hear you have a few wide-brimmed ones at your disposal! it does help keep the sun off our face which is so important.
      stay cool!
      xoxo beth

  2. jess says:

    Hi Beth! Not only do I love the LBD, but this is my favorite style of hat and it looks great on you! This cloche hat out of the 20s and 30s is such a style maker! Do you have the exact name for the hat as I was looking it up? So classic looking!
    jess xx

    • beth djalali says:

      hi jess!
      the hat is named aubrey. i updated the blog post to include the name as well, thanks for the reminder. you would look adorable in this hat (or any other on Bonnet Boutique!)
      xoxo beth

  3. donnanance says:

    Just fabulous! Love the hat and the shape of the dress. So ladylike and elegant without being frumpy! Your posts never disappoint… xoxo

    • beth djalali says:

      hi you! were you on vacay? i hadn’t heard from you in a few days so i hope it was something fun that you were attending to.
      xoxo beth

      • donnanance says:

        Boy I wish it had been vacay…no, the summer cold/virus/heebie-jeebies hit both of us. Think we are on the mend…takes a while to get back to 100%. oy vey…

  4. Jan Udlock says:

    okay, that has got to be one of your cutest accessories! Often when women wear hats, it screams “I’m wearing a hat.” That hat is so cute on you along with your lbd. Nicely done! (I like hats but I have a really large head and so I can’t find hats that fit my head.)

    • beth djalali says:

      hi jan!
      thanks for stopping by. my oldest son suffers from the same hat affliction. years ago, when he graduated from pre-school there was a big hullabaloo since there was no ‘hat’ that fit his head. i always said it was because he had so many thoughts swirling around in his head. you must suffer from the same affliction! ha. but, this darling hat boutique makes hats made to measure. so now’s your chance!
      xoxo beth

  5. I adore hats, and this one is so cute. It works so well with that LDB. Just adorable!
    Michelle xx

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