stripes, blue jeans and moto jacket

spring will have officially sprung in ten days, ladies. but what to wear on those days that are anything but spring-like. those days when the sun isn’t shining, but the weather just might be cooperating. well, at least the temps are hovering in the fifty to sixty-degree territory, which no one complained of ever in the merry month of March. but transitioning your wardrobe from one season to the next can be challenging. that’s when i rely on my wardrobe staples to see me through. today, i reached for stripes, blue jeans, and my trusty moto jacket.

this past week has been glorious weather-wise in Georgia. it’s time to make hay while the sun shines above. this week i started planning my herb garden, cleaned the birdbath, filled the birdfeeders, and organized the patio. now all i have to do is wait for warmer weather for the sod to be placed then my backyard will be complete. can i hear a hip, hip, hooray? this project has been on the back burner for years! Georgia has two windows of opportunity for landscaping – early spring or late fall. if you miss it, you miss it. and let me tell you, it’s been a struggle to find a landscaper to tackle this project. but i think i hit the jackpot this spring! they’ve done an excellent job, even with a few casualties along the way. a fencepost and water line were a little worse for wear. but, hey, it’s coming together even with a ding or two.

stripes, blue jeans, and moto jacket

there’s lots of talk on the blog about wardrobe staples. one thing i love about these workhorses is that they help transition from one season to the next with ease. this time of year, it’s time to dust off my tees and put them back in action. my ballet flats too. and we all need a spring jacket or two to keep the chill at bay while keeping our style game strong. today i reached for stripes, blue jeans, and moto jacket.

today’s ootd is easy to put together since each item is a must-have wardrobe staple. and, yes, we’ve all heard it said that there isn’t a stripe we’ve met that we didn’t like. this striped tee from opens in a new windowRalph Lauren (old, similar opens in a new windowhere and opens in a new windowhere) doesn’t disappoint that notion. it’s part stripes, part graphic tee, and it looks fantastic underneath a opens in a new windowfaux suede moto jacket from opens in a new windowBanana Republic. opens in a new windowTried & Tru blue jeans from opens in a new windowWalmart are back in action once again. since the weather is playing nice, i pulled on my opens in a new windowballet flats from opens in a new windowTory Burch. to keep the outfit playful with a hint of femininity, i added a opens in a new windowstring of pearls.

opens in a new windowdenim | similar tee opens in a new windowhere and opens in a new windowhere | opens in a new windowmoto jacket | opens in a new windowshoes | opens in a new window similar handbag | opens in a new windowsimilar necklace | opens in a new windowsimilar belt

opens in a new windowdenim | similar tee opens in a new windowhere and opens in a new windowhere | opens in a new windowmoto jacket | opens in a new windowshoes | opens in a new window similar handbag | opens in a new windowsimilar necklace | opens in a new windowsimilar belt

it’s Wednesday, ladies, time to put a smile on someone’s face, including yours.


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  1. Kim wrote:

    Love the look! A little spring with a little sass.
    I just bought a Moto jacket you had linked in an earlier post and have a question about sleeves on this style.
    The sleeves seem very long on my purchase, but I see that yours also look as if they’re below your wrist. Is that part of the moto jacket style?

    Posted 3.10.21
    • yes, the sleeves can be longer on jackets. that way even if you’re wearing a bulky sweater the sleeves will hit just right. but the opposite happens with a slim-fit tee. so pick your battles or size down.

      Posted 3.10.21
  2. Love your out fit today. It is so classic with a feminine look to it with the pearls

    Posted 3.10.21
    • always love to add pearls!

      Posted 3.10.21
      • Christine F wrote:

        I love this casual outfit Beth. I bought a pair of Tried and Tru skinny jeans last summer and love them. Very comfortable. I will try these straight leg pair. Thanks

        Posted 3.10.21
  3. Lyn wrote:

    It is definitely difficult to find someone to do work at your home – when you do find a good landscaper, tree company, etc., keep them!! We just started hiring people to do some of the heavy lifting last year, and we hit the jackpot – in fact both have called us to get us on their spring schedule. Re the moto jacket – you look great. I bought my first ever moto last spring and since not being able to leave our homes, it sat in the closet. Until this morning that is!! I wore it to the grocery store, and I loved it! I decided to soften the look by adding a silk scarf.

    Posted 3.10.21
  4. Carol Bohn wrote:

    I love this look you’ve put together for spring, Beth. I have all the pieces except a bright striped t-shirt. I usually wear navy and white or black and white, but you’ve given me the idea to try hot pink or red stripes. Thanks for the inspo!!

    Posted 3.10.21
  5. Susan wrote:

    You look absolutely wonderful in that outfit. It makes you look younger and shows off your fantastic trim figure.
    Like you, I’m fed up with 30 somethings telling us older ladies we shouldn’t wear leather or denim.

    Go girl you look great.

    Posted 3.10.21
  6. Susan wrote:

    What brand sunglasses are you wearing?Thanks.

    Posted 3.10.21
  7. Josephine Riddle wrote:

    Call me “Frency!” Went straight to my closet, after reading your post, and replicated your look. I would not have thought to add my pearls, but they make the outfit. Now if I had somewhere to go!! Thank you, Beth, for always inspiring me, and for giving me the courage to tuck my shirt and wear a belt.

    Posted 3.10.21
  8. mary ann christie wrote:

    always excellent and fun to “click on”
    thank you. Mary Ann

    Posted 3.10.21
  9. Kathleen McDermott wrote:

    Darling outfit! And pearls with a striped, graphic tee – delightful. This is such a simple yet charming outfit and has infinite variations. Great inspiration, especially for this transitional season. P.S. The WM Scoop smocked blouse you featured a few posts ago arrived and I adore it in both patterns. I have you to thank for these lovely additions to my wardrobe in addition to the dreamy blue moto jacket.

    Posted 3.10.21
  10. Nancy wrote:

    Great spring looks.

    Posted 3.10.21
  11. Bobbi Jo wrote:

    Love this on you. You look beautiful!

    Posted 3.10.21
  12. Kristin Gjertsen wrote:

    You are my style guru. Seeing how great your gray hair looks inspired me to quit coloring and embrace the gray which turned out to be a beautiful, shiny white gray which has grown past my shoulders during this pandemic year. Planning to treat myself to a new and updated hairstyle once I get vaccinated. I love your clothing choices–stylish, elegant, comfortable, and age appropriate. We need all the role models we can get when we reach this age. I have adopted your exercise and eating routine as well and am down 12 pounds since last March so I am looking forward to purchasing some nice jeans, pants, and tops once I hit my goal weight of 130 pounds. I have 19 pounds to go. Thank you for sharing your style, makeup tips, and exercise tips. In a world where we are inundated with pictures of very young women, it is wonderful to see the style of older women. We don’t need to be “mumsie” just stylish and on trend.

    Posted 3.11.21
    • i so appreciate you being here! isn’t it great to know style has no expiration date?

      Posted 3.11.21
  13. Roxy wrote:

    I realize the reason I enjoy your blog so much is that we have the exact same taste! I am happiest in striped tee, jeans, and moto jacket, too. My wardrobe is similar to yours and I enjoy seeing our alignments in putting together outfits. Continued sunshine in all you do!

    Posted 3.12.21
  14. Billy wrote:

    You’re incredibly beautiful and very stylish. I know your site is aimed at ladies but I hope you don’t mind having a male fan.

    And I sent you a query by email. I may have worded it badly and it may look like spam but I promise it’s a serious question,

    Posted 3.13.21

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