wardrobe staples lacoste tee and chinos

  1. Jo Hildebrand says:

    I love the new hair. Gives you a real lift….which we all need this spring!!!!

  2. Debbie Bell says:

    Loving your hair cut! -often wanted to see your right eye in the past.
    Jealous of your weather – Great Lakes are still frozen around the edge, at least the beaches on Lake Huron are.
    We’ll get there and meanwhile enjoy layers and shoulder season weather, which we really have more than anything else, I’m thinking.
    Thank you for forward thinking inspiration and mentioning what that additional layer(s) could be on warm weather outfits.

  3. Helen Heffernan says:

    Beth, you always look lovely! I like your haircut–lookin’ fresh for spring. Bring on the yellow sunshine!

  4. Elizabeth Husar says:

    I always like polo shirts for summer in navy with combat trousers/shorts. Btw, your short hair is very feminine and youthful, really like it!

  5. Becky says:

    Beth, I love your new do! It’s sassy and yes, it’s short,but hey, it’s spring. Change is in the air! I like it more than the longer do!

  6. Jan Smith says:

    How does Anthropologie sizes compare to regular sizes such as 8, 10, etc?
    Love the chinos!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      definitely slimmer fit than a Talbots size 8. if it’s your first time trying on a pair i would suggest ordering your regular size and one size up. then you can compare.

  7. Leslie says:

    Love the haircut it’s so sporty and classic to match your style!!

  8. Lisa says:

    You look beautiful and I love your hair! You always look so pretty and so classy!

  9. Kathleen Warburton says:

    I love the short hair. Thank you for doing this blog, Its my morning happy moment.

  10. Madeleine says:

    Lacoste wayyyyy to short in the sleeves

  11. Diana Shelton-Echols says:

    Beth you look great with the shorter hair cut 💇‍♂️

  12. Melissa Wulff says:

    Love your new “do”!

  13. Teri says:

    I love your hair, Beth, and the outfits look fresh and good. Have to say though, in my opinion, the shoes with the past few posts don’t quite cut it for the look, they seem slightly out of step with the outfits, not as cool. Thank you for the blog.

  14. ConnieO says:

    Beth, imho the longer hair is aging, and I do think the shorter haircut is more youthful and flattering on you. In fact, it makes me rethink my Covid hair that I let grow into a short bob. Prior to that, I had worn my prematurely gray hair short like yours, since 1978. Now it’s white and no longer prematurely so, lol. I also love the Lacoste shirts and have worn them for years. I love the classics. Re: short sleeves. When in Palm Springs a few years ago, I noticed many older women wearing sleeveless tops. Yes, their arms were wrinkly, but they were comfortable. So, I decided then and there Mot to worry about that. It is what it is. I’ll be 84 in a few weeks.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      wear sleeveless tops and don’t worry about the length of your hair. it’s common myths that either age you and are big no-no’s. they don’t and aren’t. happy early birthday!

  15. Krystyna says:

    Beth your new hair cut is wonderful it’s gutsy and “sharp edged” just like its owner. WEar it with pride there is serious jealousy here from someone with fine hair because I really can’t stray far from the classic shoulder length bob.

  16. Eve says:

    Spring has sprung
    The grass has rize
    I wonder where
    The flowers is

    Written in my yearbook. LOL
    You look beautiful and I am with you on yellow. I’m ready fie sunshine and roses.

  17. Anon says:

    I’ll chime in to say your new ‘do’ is super cute!

  18. Karen Ziegler says:

    Hi…..your hair is perfect for spring and summer.
    Your back yard really turned out nice
    You’ll enjoy that for a long time.
    Love your outfit that pant color really pops.

  19. Hi Beth,
    Love the hair cut. Looking to Spring as well.

  20. Lauren says:

    What the heck is it with Hairstylists that they don’t listen to what we want. This cut is OK but not what you wanted and that matters. The stylist has fun, gets creative and then we go out in the world and try to manage a haircut that is not how we see ourselves and takes work to make it look like the stylist saw it in their minds eye. Yup it is short and sporty….and yes it is better when your bangs don’t hang in your eyes….but if it is not your style then it is not right. Thank God it grows!

  21. Andrea says:

    Your yard is making my hands ache for spring – it will be gorgeous when it comes into bloom!

    I’m 71 and still love camis – my fav layering top in summer or under a blazer.
    If people don’t like it, they shouldn’t look.

    As for hair, I have learned, esp. during Covid on/off cuts, that when you get ‘the’ haircut, take a picture of it, front/back/side and take it with you. The good news – it’s spring, everything grows faster 🌷

  22. Kathleen McDermott says:

    A face like yours – that bone structure! those eyes! – is made for short hair. You look gorgeous and will continue to look so as it grows. Ah, Lacoste SS polos. Wore them as a teen and still love them. The tiny sleeves and unbuttoned front are so feminine. Adorable with those pants and the classic ballet flats – my most favorite shoe ever! I wear them almost all the time.

  23. Barbara Edwards Armacost says:

    I think it is unanimous we all like your new haircut!! Just in time for Spring. Love the outfit too.

  24. Julie Mycock says:

    Hi Beth, love the haircut, as you know I like it short on you anyway, it looks lovely, very feminine. Your back garden is coming along great, so jealous of your weather, raining and cold here in England, its supposed to be Spring, I really do hate English weather. Have a great day and a lovely weekend regards Julie xx❤

  25. Cela says:

    I really love this cut on you! It’s opened up your lovely face and just makes you look youthful and energetic! Maybe my favorite cut of them all. 💕

  26. Camille Willock says:

    A fresh cut for early Springtime is just the ticket for warm climes, even the not-so-warm ones, just for inspiration. I admire your short “do” which, in my opinion, gives a lift we all need after the long slug of winter. The yellow pants supports the hair cut too. Good job putting your look together, Beth. You always look fab👍

  27. karen schroeder says:

    Short hair is better!!You look younger!!Keep it short.

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