What I’m Wearing for Easter

  1. Nancy says:

    Love this look!

  2. helen says:

    Pink is certainly your color but then so in every shade of blue. Well, let’s face it you look beautiful in all colors!
    Have a blessed Holy Week!

  3. Very pretty outfit I bought the Ivy pants in navy gingham and love them. The pink linen are so pretty And I Already have A pink gingham blazer from Ann Taylor from a couple of years ago that would work. I have already bought an Easter dress though For this year but could get the pants for another occasion.

    • MaryLynne says:

      About a month before Easter my mother and I would take the bus (she didn’t drive) to Hudson’s in Detroit. They had a whole floor of fabric, patterns etc. where we would pick out the materials for our Easter outfits. Often they were matching for my mother, me, and my doll. The day always included lunch at Hudsons restaurant which was usually Maurice salad. She would then make the clothes and probably be doing the last minute hemming the night before. We would go to church attired in our new outfits

  4. Nancy says:

    Pretty, pretty! Love the pink. You reminded me to pick my outfit for Sunday! I don’t think about it, because I’ll be cooking and just “entertaining” family that live with me! So…I certainly won’t be wearing anything as cute as you have on! That would be a good blog subject. What to wear for a casual Easter at home, when you’ll be spending most of the time in the kitchen!

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