springin’ for dresses

  1. gd says:

    L-O-V-E that dress! What a pretty color and it looks great on you!

    I, too, looked forward to shopping for an Easter dress every year. Although some years instead of buying ready made my mother and I would shop for fabric and patterns. It was fun picking out my own pattern and having her make my dress. Good memories!

    Have a blessed Easter weekend.

  2. Beautiful dress! 🙂

  3. Sue Smith says:

    What a lovely color! The fringe and the belt with it are a nice touch–you look wonderful. Karl Lagerfeld does have great designs! This one’s a classic.

    Your outing with your mom sounds so familiar and brings on tons of memories. We’d do the same, we 3 girls, with my mom–we’d head out on a shopping excursion, and she’d bring a chocolate bar along and she’d break off tiny little bites for each us, here and there–(she’d say “for energy.” ;)) Then, we’d head to the Charleston Gardens restaurant at Altmans, in NY, for a fun lunch, and to look over all our loot.

    We also went to some great shoe stores and shopped for hats, too–that was fun–all the posing and laughing. I miss those jaunts with her and with my sisters, and have fond memories of them. We also bought great fabrics and Vogue patterns and made a lot of our clothes. I don’t do that these days, but did quite a bit of that some years ago. I guess my brother probably felt the same way yours did! But then, he did his own thing with my dad…

  4. Jackie says:

    Lovely. thanks for the link to Dillards. Lots of lovely things there and I think that they ship to Australia. By the way knowing you love stripes I just purchased a black and white striped silk shirt from Everlane….. beautiful finish.

  5. Lin H says:

    Beth, your post is misleading. When you say Dillard’s is in the Southeast and Southwest, that leads the reader to believe Dillard’s is only in those areas, which is not the case. Check out the map of store locations on Dillard’s website. Their stores are in most of the country. I have no affiliation with Dillard’s and rarely shop at my local one (in the Midwest). I just thought your article was misleading for anyone who loves that dress and thought, oh, I’d love to try it on but I don’t live in the SE or SW so I guess I’ll pass on it. Just my two cents.

  6. DriftwoodLover says:

    Beautiful dress. I just love fringed edges! Chocolate Coke? That’s a new one on me!

  7. […] year Beth goes shopping for an Easter dress, and this time she came home with this chic Karl Lagerfeld Paris sheath dress from Dillard’s. The mint green tweed is unusual, and looks marvelous on our blogger. The fringe […]

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