a little black dress for spring and summer

  1. Mary Ann Williams says:

    So nice to see you in a dress. Love the whole outfit. I have been wearing a different pair of my really nice earrings everyday even with my yoga pants plus a nice spriz of perfume. Makes me feel better!

  2. Jeni Molyneux says:

    Looks absolutely fabulous Beth….
    Its perfect and the sandals and textures of you bag really make it wow!

    Thank you for sharing

  3. Cheryl says:

    Love the outfit and the earrings! Wow!! Your posterity knee looks good too☺. Stay safe y’all!

  4. Cheryl says:

    Er, that should have read post surgery knee. I blame spell correct.😉

  5. Amy E Partridge says:

    You look wonderful Beth! Thank you for continuing to share your home, fashion tips, and health tips. Thank you too for not trying to cover up your healing knee. Our scars are something to be celebrated not hidden. Cheers to your continued recovery and your home and patio facelifts!!

  6. I really like the black dress. Too bad it is sold out. Just looking at it, I thought it had Ralph vibes. Nice! Thank you for asking how we are doing. Here in our little western corner of Texas, we are fine. My husband is starting to fret about vacation plans but it is wait and see. Our weather keeps thing interesting. 99 degrees yesterday, in the 70’s today!

  7. Helen says:

    Love your LBD summer look and that belt.
    Also appreciate your post yesterday about shorts. Checked them out and they were having an amazing sale. So a green pair is heading my way. My first pair in years.

  8. Joan says:

    Must confess that looking at my closet of pretty clothes only makes me feel worse. I haven’t been out of workout type clothing since Covid began. Hard to look stylish while wearing a mask at the grocery store. Hard to even think wishfully about purchasing anything new. When would I wear it? Do enjoy your efforts, though. Thank you.

  9. Paula says:

    Yes we have to remember to try to enjoy something. I wish I could sit outside with the sun on my face and listen to the birds. It’s still quite cold in Wisconsin but at least to sun is shining. Take care! I love the dress and look forward to reading what you have to say daily. I’m also enjoying Kelly’s recipes they are helpful when I’m looking for something different.

  10. Nancy says:

    Looking great Beth.It’s nice to dress up a little right now.I do my hair and makeup every morning as I always have,even if I am only going to my mailbox,it makes me feel better

  11. Michaele Hall says:

    Beth, I live in Southern California and have discovered a restaurant delivery service that I just love called Postmates. You select local restaurants from high end to every day types. Many have free delivery but if there is a fee it is usually $2.99-3.99. I have been ordering these, plating the delicious food on my beautiful china, drinking from my gorgeous crystal, and setting a nice table on my freshly planted patio. It is a wonderful alternative to home cooking and all I have to do is wash the dishes! I will have “virtual lunch or supper” with you anytime! By the way, I was born in Virginia and all of my family is still in the South. I really miss the great big screen porch which we practically lived on all during the Spring and Summer. Have a wonderful evening, M

  12. Deirdre Cerasa says:

    We are doing well. Miss seeing our children and grandchildren but FaceTime is helps as do some hilarious tiktok videos. Patio looks great so far and today’s OOTD is lovely. Cheers!

  13. Stephani Tyler says:

    Hi Beth…
    What first caught my eye about you was your haircut…I have worn that style for years,but the downside has been that I need a haircut more often…What to do, not really talented in the haircutting field…Then I remember that BOWL cut that at home mothers used to do, and I thought, “Let’s try”…The bowl didn’t fit over my whole head, but I only wanted to cut the neck hairs…It worked and now I feel good about myself…Take care all and live safe and happy!!! S

  14. Anna says:

    Beth, thank you for sharing your home, family, recipes and fashion. It is a bright spot in our days and especially now at this difficult time. I wish you and your family continued good health!

  15. DIANE mclean says:

    So nice to see you looking so elegant. I must admit that I am getting sick of seeing so many bloggers showing lounge wear and jogging outfits. Just not my style! I like to look my best at all times, so really casual looks just don’t inspire me. I am envious of your great weather. They are calling for snow here on the weekend. Enough already!

  16. Cindy says:

    I love LBDs in the summer — and your dress and sandals are beautiful. I envy your chance to wear them in the warmer weather down south! Still too cool here in Michigan. I’m doing my best to dress nicely, even though we’re not doing much else but walking in the local park or “zooming” with friends and family.

    It does help to make an effort to look nice each day, even with less makeup and hairstyling. The statistical predictions for COVID keep getting worse, not better, and I think we’re in for a very long, difficult summer, more of the same. That’s all the more reason, in my view, to look for whatever pleasure we can and to look good while we’re doing it 🙂

  17. Sylvia Espinoza says:

    Diacovering the Style blog was a life ring for me as a year of poor health was ending in late 2016. Am so very grateful because when I found you, Beth, I felt a kindred spirit. I felt you understood me when I dressed as I always did, make up on and hair styled as I always did, to every medical appointment, test, surgery. It drew compliments and what seemed extra care to my needs at the time. A true blessing. Want to reach out to blog sister, Joan. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Shop your closet of pretty clothes, choose your favorites, dress up with us as we follow Beth going forward in life! Order new clothes if it makes your heart smile. COVID or no COVID, let’s all dress in strength and honor as ladies of a certain age because someone younger needs the boost from watching us! Here in Southeast Texas I paused to listen to the birds singing as a cool gentle breeze swept my face last Friday. I think of those breezes as kisses from God. Rolling-hills views and lovely greenery with loads of yellow wildflowers to view top it off to lift my spirit. Must say, the blog remains a life ring! Am ever grateful~

  18. Carol says:

    Greetings from NY! It’s been an exceptionally cold and rainy spring but I know better days are coming! Your posts always brighten my day!! Stay safe!

  19. Violet says:

    Hi Beth, You look lovely as always. So glad that your knee is healing well. Hasn’t gotten quite as warm here in PA, but a sunny day even if cool is always helpful at this time. Enjoy your posts and your style. Your hair is growing and looks good, mine is growing and looks awful. I need to find some alternative styles. Take care…be safe.

  20. Beth Crawford says:

    Great post Beth!
    I also am trying to find more dresses. I have 2 black dresses that can be worn spring and fall, they are a little too warm for summer so I will check these out. I love that dresses can be dressed up or down and that, like you say, they are one and done. Thank you for everything you do to bring us Great information.
    I am wearing make up and jewelry every day no matter what outfit I am wearing, I always feel “dressed” if I do that.

  21. Sandi says:

    Just wanted to say how relaxed and healthy you look today. Hopefully all your major stresses are behind you now (except for the coronavirus, of course) and that It is onward and upward for you from now on!😃. Stay well & healthy!

  22. SUSI says:

    Aren’t new knees WONDERFUL? I have 2 of them and could not be happier – well, maybe happier if I had a hair cut!!!

  23. Cathy McMann says:

    I’m doing fine but sunny days are so much better than rainy days! I’ve been reading books from my stash (I tend to buy them faster than I read them) and just finished Becoming by Michelle Obama, my second 5-star book of the year. It is really excellent, interesting and she writes very well.

  24. Laura says:

    Your posts are a breathe of fresh air every day! This outfit is fabulous and you look beautiful. Thanks for your positivity. I find it really encouraging and helpful!

  25. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Beth!
    You are so beautiful and chic in your little black dress. I love your net bag, awesome sunnies, and even your table serves as a fab accessory!
    This long break from real life has its perks but you’re right, after a while we yearn for the normal things. Thanks for all you do and for keeping on keeping on! I’m working from home and am lucky to have my husband and college-student children here. I hope you are doing well.

  26. Holly says:

    Super cute Beth…..love the sandals too. And your hair is getting so long. Looking forward to seeing the “end look” style you go with. Love the outdoor patio, looks inviting🍷…..I’ll be right over to join you😍.


  27. Andrea says:

    Oh, Beth, you look stunning in that dress. Your new hairstyle looks so feminine and sophisticated.

    My first intro to foot issues led me to an immediate need to purchase while on vacay…Eco sandals are my staples for walking. But Aravon, Clark’s, and Naot all have feminine styles that are designed to look great, but with removable foot beds! Not your mama’s orthotics! I get compliments all the time..from strangers…and my feet. If when your knee heals, it doesn’t appreciate heels…kittens are the answer. Never settle for shoes that just look good but aren’t. There’s your silver lining, Beth…new shoes 🥂

  28. Eve says:

    Your hair in that one pic with the sunglasses, looks so good pulled back from your face.
    I love this dress but my legs are just not up to scrutiny I’m afraid. You look wonderful. I absolutely love that purse. Macrame was a skill I once possessed.
    We are doing great and keeping busy but we are retired so it’s easier on us. He has his music studio and I love to read so that helps. Maybe I’ll get back to that macrame.

  29. Karen White says:

    Beth, keep doing what you are doing. It is such a bright point in my day to read your blog.

    I love the LBD and you look great!

    Today is my 54th birthday and I’ve decided to use this time at home to take care of myself. I started the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program yesterday. Thanks for the recommendation!

  30. Hello from McCalla,Al! Staying home and doing a little gardening and home improvement!

  31. Nelda Pattillo says:

    It’s good to see you back and hope that your recovery is going well!

  32. Ann L Yates says:

    Cold and rainy here in WI for the next few days, but we finally have some tulips and daffodils blooming! Have been baking lots of banana bread for my grands, who for some reason, inhale it : ) I leave it on their porch and we wave through the window. Do miss their hugs. Thanks for your positive posts.

  33. Stacey Hane says:

    I would love to know where your tortoise shell glasses come from. Love your style!

  34. Johanna LaRose says:

    It seems like everyone is getting a little tired of staying at home and social distancing. And why not? The weather is great and spring seems to shout – new beginnings – and everyone is ready to enjoy this beautiful time of year! I’m a real estate agent and have been calling my clients and encouraging them to enjoy this confusing – but special time. Spring seems to be a little cooler – maybe not as much air pollution? Everyone has worked in their yards – possibly out of boredom? But I encourage everyone to take time to enjoy the beautiful flowers and green grass this spring. And have you noticed no airplanes? I was sitting outside the other day and it was quiet and peaceful and I could actually hear our little feathered friends singing. And so many different tunes! I’d love to know the different varieties of birds I had the pleasure to share my afternoon with. So yes – these are confusing, exhausting times – but there is a silver lining around every cloud – and I think Mother Nature is putting on a simply spectacular show for us this spring! And I encourage everyone to truly take the time and enjoy!

  35. Pennie says:

    You’re looking so good & younger too!

  36. Marilyn says:

    Cute dress and love the oversized earrings.
    My husband and I are hanging in there at home in central NJ.
    Luckily we are very busy people, always having something to do, whether a big or small task. We enjoy beautiful days by walking outside.
    No sense in worrying about what we can’t control. Counterproductive.

  37. Kay Mifsud says:

    All the way from Australia. Thanks for a little splash of STYLE everyday on my email. Our world has not changed too much, we are quite isolated most of the time anyway!! Hope you are going ok, cause you’ve had quite a bit happen in the last little while. Sending big ISO hugs from Aus xx

  38. Suzanne Smith says:

    I do commend you for keeping the blog going and growing all the time, despite some fairly major setbacks like a pandemic and knee replacement surgery. Pretty dress today and those sandals are not only chic, but I love that they’ll stay on nicely with that new knee! Gorgeous. My daily walks in nature are my therapy and my joy. I get some meditative solitude and some exercise simultaneously. Your knee looks like it is doing beautifully.

  39. Marcella says:


  40. Carol B Luff says:

    My dear sister-in-law introduced me to your blog during this “at home” time. What a find! I have really enjoyed reading it and looking at everything. Love the LBD and I’m also a big fan of something reptile so the look is just up my alley. Now, if I could just get my hair cut! But here in NE Ohio most everything is still closed and, besides, it’s tough to wear sandals when the forecast is for snow flurries!

  41. Lyn says:

    I own several cute black dresses I plan on wearing this summer – not a huge shorts fan – I also have ordered several pairs of looser linen-like, and rayon pants to wear with tees. I am a jeans gal, but I think this will be a great change. Very comfy. Also, the every 4 weeks cut and color I had been having done for 20+ years is no longer a priority. I’ve known it for a long time, but hard to make the break – my long time hairdresser will not take the news well – but I have decided to grow out my hair to a French bob – and color it myself. I plan on changing my style by wearing hair bands and scarfs.

    This whole virus has made everyone sit back and think and make changes they have been contemplating for a long time.

  42. Mary says:

    I’m really liking your longer hair — but your hair looks good whatever length! And I envy your warm weather. Here in Pittsburgh, it’s unseasonably cold. But the blossoms are gorgeous nonetheless.

  43. Vikki Andrews says:

    Love your hair! It’s longer! Cute either way! Love your style! Originally from a little town north of Athens, Chickamauga! Love in Tampa now. Thanks for sharing tips and showing us how to dress stylishly but not too prissy. Casual elegance I love.


  44. Nancy A Reed says:

    Love the little black dress and I think I will buy one. Great look

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