One Last Summer Dress

  1. Barbara Lacy says:

    Kelly, you look terrific, perfect for a date night. Great dress choice!

  2. Sylvia Espinoza says:

    Hi, Kelly! You look great in this dress! Happy you got it in time for vacation. We’ll have withdrawal while y’all are away, but if anyone deserves time off for hard work, it’s you and Beth. Want to say it’s so nice to witness you grow into your role at SAACA! You’re an amazing young woman 🧡🤗🧡

  3. Carolina Girl says:

    Just beautiful! And that print is gorgeous … have a good week away and we’ll look forward to your return (with Beth and Oscar).

  4. Nancy says:

    Cute dress Kelly. Love the leaf pattern. I have some “beach pants” in almost the exact same pattern.
    I’m with you…holding onto summer as long as possible, so I appreciate that you’re still showing summer fashions.
    I would love to see an alternative silver shoe style. Love the silver, but don’t wear that style shoe.
    Happy vacation!

  5. Kim Diven says:

    Another look from you that is right down my alley, Kelly.
    Happy vacay!

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