pinkie blue

  1. Ha! We just completed a portfolio where we used the hottest pink, with a moody blue and tada…a smidge of the ‘ol animal print! – Once again our wardrobe and decor feeds off one another. Drink that java…you’ll be raved up in no time!-Laurel Bledsoe

  2. donnanance says:

    Great outfit to start the week! I wore a variation of this last week…no animal print accessories tho… Have a splendid day! xoxo

  3. Kelsey says:

    Love the style symmetry! The colors look great together and the leopard print really brings it all together 🙂

  4. Sue Smith says:

    Navy, a pop of pink, and touches of leopard are excellent together. I wore a very similar mix up to see my son and daughter-in-law in Boston last spring. And it was very comfortable, too. Tres elegante.

    • beth djalali says:

      i’ve been on a classic color combo kick lately! navy and pink have to be in my top three favorites. and perfect for a summer outfit.

  5. Kathysue says:

    I so enjoy wearing blues and pinks from light chambray to deep navy. YOU my dear look fabulous!!!

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