memorial day 2021

  1. Kathy says:

    Nice shorts outfit for Memorial Day. I’m so glad you have posts with shorts. I’m 68 and have lived in the south all my life (now in southwest Florida) and I wear shorts. You look stylish, cool, and comfortable!

  2. Eve says:

    I think we mourn the fallen but celebrate the freedom they have given us. So I think it’s okay to say Happy Memorial Day.
    I live the top and white shorts.

  3. beautiful combination!!
    Love lauren
    Have a happy Memorial Day week end

  4. Susan says:

    Love your hydrangies.What do you put on them to make them that blue? Happy Memorial Day. The National concert last night on PBS was wonderful.and of course, the photographs were awsome!

  5. Gisela says:

    Beth, My name is Gisela M. Muñoz and I been followed you for a few years now. You’re very beautiful and classy. Like you I’m a widow , I lost my husband in Combat, Afganistán January 2 2005, I just want to say thank you for the beautiful message today. I’m a 55 yrs. and again …. Love your style and you’re the perfect representation of class, beauty and intelligence.

  6. I too have red, white, and blue on today to commemorate all the service people that have served or lost their lives protecting our freedom. We forget sometimes how much they have done for us. Bless them. My dad’s birthday was yesterday the real Memorial Day and he served in the army and Korean conflict. My youngest brother’s birthday is today and I have been thinking a lot and missing them.

  7. Christi says:

    Thank you, Beth, for honoring our brave men and women who have served our Country and paid the ultimate price. Even many of those who came home are paying the price of protecting our Country, whether through traumatic injuries or PTSD. Your thoughts are most welcome. Thank you.

    And, your outfit is so cute. Unfortunately, it seems like it will be a bit too cool for shorts for me today. Darn!

  8. Bren says:

    This is a lovely tribute, Beth. I just finished watching a virtual ceremony here in Belgium, where memorials are held at various cemeteries across the country to honor the US soldiers who gave their life so that Europe might be free. Schoolchildren learn and sing the Star Spangled Banner and hold American and Belgian flags high in Flanders Field Cemetery, where over 300 service members are buried. Know that our fallen are remembered today not only in America, but also by Europeans who remain grateful for their ultimate sacrifice. Happy Memorial Day to you!

  9. Agnieszka says:

    Wygląda Pani bardzo ładnie. Zazdroszczę też pogody.

  10. Cheryl Ann Johnson says:

    You look so pretty in the Ralph Lauren shorts & shirt. I love his clothes and you always wear them well.

  11. Laura Serdiuk says:

    You are indeed a breath of fresh air! Keep up the fabulous looks and posts.

  12. Kathleen Considine says:

    This was a beautiful Memorial Day tribute Beth. I have been following you for years (since San Fran). You’re very inspiring to me. My husband of 56 years died 10/2020 & he’s buried at the Gerald B Solomon National cemetery in Saratoga Springs NY. It’s was truly beautiful there yesterday. Very crowd. Sad for me but so grateful for all these selfless lives given for our freedom 🇺🇸

  13. Sylvia Ridenour says:

    Hi Beth
    I enjoy following your posts and love your style.
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