loungewear that doubles as activewear

  1. Marilyn Blum says:

    Beth, I love the Veronica Beard blazers but have never seen them in person. In your photos, it appears that the zipper on the dickey is puckering in several places. Since they are a bit pricey, I want to get your opinion before purchasing! Thanks.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      the cashmere dickey is lightweight so it might look better if left unzipped. it’s not really a pucker so much as the way the zipper affects this particular dickey when zipped. make sense?

  2. Jere says:


  3. Georgia Peach says:

    Good morning!
    You look stunningly pretty today. The gray and navy combo is perfect on you.
    I wouldn’t have thought of putting this outfit together. It’s so cute! You look like your’re up for anything.
    That’s a very encouraging message to all who’ve suffered the loss of loved ones. Holidays are especially difficult.
    One day at a time.
    Prayers for all.

  4. Sangita M says:

    Just love your sense of style! I wouldn’t have thought of this combination it’s fabulous! Love your daily posts but hope you take some time for yourself. Merry Christmas!

  5. Barbara says:

    Love the entire outfit. You look sporty yet so elegent.

  6. Cheryll says:

    I think of you often. When Mr. Style passed away, it seemed we had lost a family member. I lost my son’s father in 1988, but even now sometimes a song or something will catch me up in a memory.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      thanks so much, cheryll! mr. style was so loved while alive and soo missed now that he’s gone. you are so right about a song or whatever that makes you remember. take care. xo

  7. Andrea says:

    Beautiful sophisticated outfit, Beth.

    Also thanks for sharing the grief link. Friends lost their 7 yr old son to brain cancer just last week. Difficult 2 yr journey, so I will forward this to them. We are delivering holiday baking for them and their other little one this week as they are shattered.

    Hopefully all the love and good thoughts, all of us hold for you is finding its way through the universe to you and your family, Beth. 💝.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      it’s so hard to lose a loved one. especially a chile. we expect to lose our parents, hope we don’t lose our spouse but losing
      a child must be the hardest. God’s blessings to them in their time of sorrow.

      i’m doing okay this Christmas but not a day goes by without missing mr. style. thanks for your sweet words!

  8. Gloria sutton says:

    beautiful words of advice. you are more than an imsperation to me. Love all your outfits

  9. margarita Wilson says:

    Love this outfit! Very relaxed but at the same time looks very elegant and pulled together. Definitely will copy the look. Thanks

  10. Christine says:

    Thank you for your encouraging words regarding grief . I have read your post again from last year . Like you , this is my 2nd Christmas without my husband . Yesterday was the first snowstorm without him (I live in Maryland) . He was always the one to shovel and clear the snow away from our sidewalk and driveway . I can still see him in the newly fallen snow , wearing boots and gloves , armed with the trusty snow shovel . Today , it was me doing the chore with the strong feeling that he was beside me . Memories are so sweet . I hope you have wonderful memories of your husband.
    I enjoy your posts and find them so uplifting. Loungewear has a new meaning these past months ! Show us more of the same as we may be lounging for a few more months !
    Merry Christmas to you and your family .

  11. Leila and Zschau says:

    Love Love Love your posts.
    Thank you!!!!
    You are breathe of fresh air I look forward to seeing and reading!!

  12. annie stuart says:

    Merry xmas to you Beth and your family and those doggies they are so lovable and cute great company too for sure. I am thinking of you with out Mr Style it is a very hard and painful time for you. You are in my thoughts daily take care lots of hugs to you from me….Annie Stuart.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      Merry Christmas, Annie! i’m so thankful to have my family with me and those two four-legged rascals. mr. style will always be in my heart and i have so many
      precious memories of him especially during the Christmas season.

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