How to Wear Shorts Over 60

  1. I am coming up on 70 years old this July. Here in In Minnesota we have a couple of months of humid weather, and I plan on wearing shorts. Especially at home. I really like the shorts with blazer, the look dressy with the right length short, not any different than a summer skirt or dress. I I grew up in Missouri and they have humidity like in you in Georgia, so I say go for it, Beth. You need to be cool and comfortable.

  2. Janet says:

    HI Beth! I’m with you on the shorts issue—hot, muggy weather makes shorts a must, but in my view, it’s all about the length. 7”-9” inseam is the sweet spot for me. As an alternative, I like skorts and wide-leg cropped linen pants.

    Hope you had a relaxing week in Tybee!


    • Beth Djalali says:

      Hi Janet! Always love to hear from you! Yes, if you’re on the taller side a 7-9″ inseam is perfect. Petites look great in the 4-5″ length.
      Love, love, love linen shorts and pants for summer. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Marilyn Levin says:

    Hi there
    Love reading your Style at a Certain Age. I come from South Africa and am 70 something. Keep writing and inspiring us.
    Keep well and all the best
    Marilyn Levin

  4. Grady Ripley says:

    At 5’0” Bermuda shorts make my short legs look stubby but definitely wear shorter lengths. I also love a skort. It’s like wearing dressy shorts!

  5. Pam says:

    I loved the navy set with the Rick rack trim in the opening photo. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a link for it. Is it an older outfit?

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