Golden Bachelor Watch Party and a Comfy Fall Outfit

  1. Dori Stevens says:

    I am an avid fan of your blog. I look forward to reading every day! I am admiring the artwork above your fireplace. Can you tell me more about the artist or where it was purchased? The colors and sereness of the painting would perfectly compliment my redecorating. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  2. Nancy says:

    Hi Beth, yes I’m watching the Golden Bachelor. Not really rooting for anyone yet…not invested in undistracted watching yet to know a name.
    That is so fun that you interviewed for the show, and to also know you’re dating. Since we see you pictured by yourself or just with Kelly most of the time, it’s fun to learn you have a private life! haha…I say that in jest. Of course you don’t “blab” every detail of your life on the blog! Love the outfit and love the watch party! Fun!

  3. Melanie Simpson says:

    Yep, I’m watching the Golden Bachelor as well. Wow..he’s a cutie and the women are amazing as well. Not sure I could do a reality show either. I did start dating about a year ago, (did the online thing). I hadn’t dated in over 20 years and it’s been interesting. I lost the love of my life 4 years ago. I have recently met a great guy and we’ve done some traveling, hiking, cooking together. …and he LOVES my dog. 🙂 I’m feeling pretty lucky right now. Good luck to you Beth. It’s never too late for love..even tho it might be a different love!! 🙂

  4. Francesca B says:

    Hi Beth,
    Well done you for taking the plunge and dating again l wish you every happiness. I am enjoying the show immensely and can so sympathize with Nancy crying over the wedding dress in particular. I would’ t have wanted to appear on a reality TV show either. Sitting on a sofa with dear friends sounds so much better! Xo

  5. Beth Bevington says:

    Hi Beth,
    Love your blog.
    I too am a widow. My hubby died during Covid. As you know, it was the hardest loss I’ve had. I’m a “young” 73! Went on a road trip with a bestie! Met a man salmon fishing in Oregon! He came to Napa 5 days later. I was zero looking! He’s younger!
    Tall and a doll! Inside out. My late husbands best friend says he orchestrated him. I love him more daily. May you enjoy❤️❤️

  6. janet majors says:

    Much as you would make a great candidate, be thankful you bowed out. There is nothing real on a reality show. I speak from experience having participated in a reality winemaking show back in 2009. Thank GOD it never aired!

  7. Violet OBrien says:

    I am so glad you bowed out…can’t picture you on a reality show. Glad, however, that you are starting to date. You’d be safer with an online dating site where you can read about a man and see if he would be compatible with a classy lady like you. Good luck!!

  8. I’m also watching the Golden Bachelor! I’m not rooting for anyone yet….they seem kind of fakey to me. I read a long time ago that the bachelor makes a million dollar for appearing! I guess that would be incentive to go on tv and embarrass yourself!!
    Happy that you are dating and having a Bachelor watch party….Enjoy!❤️

  9. CharM says:

    Beth, seems you and Kelly share my motto: Every Day is an Adventure! I’m delighted for you as you seek new experiences. Whatever you choose to share on your blog I highly respect. I’m 75, solo after gray divorce…and, like you, choose to live with joy and gratitude despite circumstances. Let’s savor every moment. The ending may not be what we expected. XOXO

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