new year, new decade, new you

new year, new decade, new you

happy new year! or at least we’ll be singing Auld Lang Syne and ringing in 2020 in a mere two days. it’s hard to believe another year is coming to an end. not only do we bid adieu to 2019, but we’re saying goodbye to an entire decade. and it’s been quite the ten years. at least for moi as i’ve seen and experienced so many changes. there are blessings upon blessings bestowed on the blog and in my personal life. yet, i’ve faced heart-wrenching sadness with the loss of mr. style. this will be the first year since 1982 that he hasn’t been by my side to walk into a new year. it’s more than a little daunting to tackle life solo, but i’m determined to celebrate the new year with hope and joy. life is a precious gift and our attitude is the only variable we have any control. so i choose joy even amid the tears.

do any of you choose a word of the year? i was introduced to this concept two years ago, listening to Gretchen Rubin’s podcast Happier with Gretchen Rubin. it’s fun to mull over different words that will encapsulate an entire year. here are a few for thought:

focus, grow, organize, thoughtful, deliberate, trust, fearless, grace, truth, serenity, vision, wisdom, sparkle, courage. 

new year new you

a new year always brings new possibilities. once the christmas decorations are down (i always have them packed away by december 31st), the house seems bare, so it’s a good time to refresh the decor. january is a fantastic time to splurge on new sheets for the bedroom or new towels for the bathroom. and i’m always a sucker to add a new pillow or too to my living room. it’s a great way to update your room without breaking the bank.

new year new you

of course, New Year’s Eve deserves a special outfit. and i’ve always loved to wear a tuxedo. there’s something smart and sophisticated about this look. this year is no different, although i’ve tweaked the look with a white dinner jacket and white camisole from Ann Taylor and tuxedo pants from Talbots. if you like a head to toe tuxedo look, Talbots carries a matching tuxedo jacket to compliment the pants. but it’s just as much fun to mix and match.

new year new you

is there such a thing as too much bling? especially during the holidays? this year i added a statement necklace from Oscar de la Renta to my collection (they always have a lovely selection of baubles), a link bracelet from Lulu Frost (another favorite jewelry designer), and earrings from Julie Vos.

new year new you

pants | camisole | dinner jacket | similar shoes | similar handbag | necklace | bracelet | earrings

new year new you

the new year brings new goals. this year one of my goals is to share more health and wellness tips with you. if we want to age with strength, grace, and beauty, then it’s an absolute must to focus on our health. nutrition is key not only for our bodies but for our mental clarity. it’s a myth that it’s natural to lose our memory as we age. or that it’s perfectly normal to gain weight. we have to actively make the right choices when it comes to what we eat. and i know the holidays are filled with sugar and carbs. am i right?! so it’s time to get our bodies back in gear. and many of you are interested in a weight loss diet. y’all know i’m a big fan of FASTer Way to Fat Loss that teaches how to burn fat with the right food choices and exercise. because there’s no way, you can out-exercise a poor diet. calories in and calories out just don’t work. calories from a sugar cookie are completely different than calories from broccoli. can you guess which one keeps our brains in tip-top condition and fuels our bodies? ladies, it’s never too late to make the right choices.

weight loss diet

there have been so many exciting and new changes to FASTer Way to Fat Loss that i decided to renew and recharge my body in 2020 by going through the six-week program again! yes, the fitness journey that i began way back in January 2018 continues. the next round starts on December 3oth. here are a few comments from readers that have joined FASTer Way to Fat Loss and enjoyed how they viewed a healthy weight loss diet.

I joined FWTFL after watching you for the last year and a half. I have experienced increased energy, my clothes fit better, and my cravings are gone. Thank you for letting us know about this program.

 I started FWTFL in August. I have been able to do this program while traveling back and forth on a weekly basis(3-4 days/week) from Little Rock Arkansas to Mississippi to care for my elderly Mom who has been ill. And I work as a nurse 2-12 hr shifts weekly. I have lost almost 20 lbs, and that is with all the stress of juggling my current life. I highly recommend this program, and I love the motto “progress! Not perfection!”

Based upon your recommendation, I joined the July session of FASTER WAY TO FAT LOSS. I was like you, not really overweight, but at 58, the belly fat was accumulating. In the almost 9 weeks since I have been on this program, I have seen the belly fat disappear. My clothes are fitting much better, and I feel great. I eat more calories now than I did before the program – but they are the right kind of calories. The daily exercise video sessions are a huge help – running about 30 minutes each – they are easy to fit into a busy schedule. Thank you for the recommendation. I love your posts.

what’s different than two years ago when i took the plunge to a healthier lifestyle with FASTer Way to Fat Loss? here’s what they offer along with their brand spanking new App:

  • All program materials for $199, to accelerate your success in the FASTer Way.
  • LIVE trainings to set you up for success.
  • Weekly workout plans that include low impact, home, and gym workouts.
  • Community group with certified FASTer Way community specialists for daily accountability, training, and support.
  • Meal plan and recipe guide to assist you in the FASTer Way.
  • Nutrition recommendations with a focus on whole food nutrition, balanced macros, intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and effective workouts to transform your life.

this is me in January 2018

January 2018 me is on the left. August 2019 me is on the right. i hope you’ll join me in the December 30th round of FASTer Way to Fat Loss. it’s the first step towards a healthier you. and we need to be healthy at any age but especially as we age.

new year new you

new year new you

new year new you

pants | camisole | dinner jacket | similar shoes | similar handbag | necklace | bracelet | earrings

new year new you

new year new you

all right, gang, that’s a wrap for this sunday. the past week we’ve been counting down to 2020 with our and your favorite outfits year by year. if you missed those posts you can catch up on your reading today:

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  1. Barbara wrote:

    I’ve so enjoyed all of your tips this past year, so happy to have found you. Being older does not define who we are. I tell my adult grandchildren that each time I see them. I’m still young at heart

    Posted 12.29.19
  2. Michelle Lucas wrote:

    Beth…I quit New Year’s resolutions years ago. God gave me this “single word” thing. The word appears differently each year. This year’s word “renew.” Perfect for me. We lost everything in Paradise CA fire 11/8/18.

    Posted 12.29.19
    • Beth Bevington wrote:

      I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ve done one word for years. I love it. Integrity, awe,
      Kindness, there are so many.

      Posted 12.30.19
  3. Lin wrote:

    Happy New Year, Beth! Wishing you many joyous adventures and much love in 2020.

    Posted 12.29.19
  4. Andrea wrote:

    Always love your classic looks – it’s just you! All the best for 2020 🥂

    Posted 12.29.19
  5. Iris Mooney wrote:

    Beth I started to follow you while recovering from surgery in October and look forward to all your posts. I too lost my husband recently just as I was about to start treatment for colon cancer After 47 years of marriage, life ahead looks sad and lonely. Like yourself though, I choose to look for the joy as we had a wonderful life together and I want to honour his memory. Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year and thank you for sharing your feelings.
    Iris (Canada)

    Posted 12.29.19
  6. Jeanne Myers wrote:

    I think I will choose the word grace Thankful for the grace that God gives me everyday, and that I will have grace for all I meet.

    Posted 12.29.19
  7. Kathy Briscoe wrote:

    Dear Beth,

    Like you, I lost the love of my life on July 21, 2019. My husband, Alan, suddenly died at home of a massive heart attack. We were married 53 years and I miss him every day. I would like to choose the word “joy” for the new year as you have. Christmas was much better than I anticipated, and my faith, family, and friends have sustained me the past five months.
    Kathy Briscoe

    Posted 12.29.19
  8. Suzanne Smith wrote:

    A lovely OOTD.
    Here’s wishing you a beautiful New Year surrounded with love and joy. I know this has been a really rough year for you and your family–I hope the beautiful memories of your years with Mr Style sustain you during this difficult stage you’re still in, and that 2020 brings wonderful things to you all. (What’s that quote about needing things to get really dark to make it possible to see the stars?) xoxo

    Posted 12.29.19
  9. Marilyn wrote:

    Happy New Year,Beth!
    Two of my “live by” words are graciousness and empathy.
    You have an emotional strength that I admire and strive daily to maintain.
    Again, Happy New Year!
    I look forward to your posts. Keep up the great work.

    Posted 12.30.19
  10. Rosemarie hoffer gruidl wrote:

    Thank you for helping me know that others feel as I do this time of year. My thoughts are with you for the first year you are not at your husband’s side. Not an easy thing to do. Now we start new with the rest of the world in 2020. I am hoping it is a good one for you. I love your blog so much. Beth. Happy New Year.

    Posted 12.31.19

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