winter white

  1. Carol Mckay says:

    Hi, Beth,
    Your blog makes it so much more fun to get dressed. I want to especially thank you for your post of a couple of weeks ago about building your ootd from the colors in a scarf. Brilliant! And what fun! Thanks.
    Carol McKay
    Athens, GA

  2. SierraDelta says:

    When you buy girlfriend jeans, Beth, do you take your regular size? I never know if I should go down a size because of the more relaxed fit. I read recently that you can get the same girlfriend effect by buying one size larger than your usual one in your regular jean style. First world problems. . .

    • beth djalali says:

      these girlfriend jeans have a relaxed fit so i chose my regular size which gives an over sized look. sometimes, i think i should have sized down one size for a slimmer yet relaxed fit. it’s a toss up! and you’re so right about those first world problems. at the very least, i’ve always thought of fashion as a neutral zone where socio and economic barriers are non-existent. it’s our love of fashion that unifies us!

  3. Sue Smith says:

    I’m also a huge Everlane fan–I’ve purchased a few things of theirs that I just love. The cable sweater is beautiful–I have a few similar oversized sweaters and they’re sooooo comfy during cold temps. That’s a winner. I hadn’t seen that one–I was tempted by the cream colored one, but realize I have several similar, and I recently found a hole in a grey sweater I loved, so this miiiiight just have to find its way into my closet! 😉 love the neutrals with browns–they’re great together.

    • beth djalali says:

      i recently found a moth had eaten a lovely hole in a beloved italian cashmere sweater! ugh! nothing worse than that especially since i had forgotten to unwrap the cedar strip that was hanging in my closet for prevention.
      anyhoo, you will love this sweater, sue, if it finds its way into your closet. i love grey and brown together. perfectly chic.

      • Sue Smith says:

        It DID find its way into my closet–and I wore it today–temps outside are in the 30’s again, and it is soooooo cozy. Already had 2 compliments at brunch. I’d say that was a win. Thanks for profiling it!

  4. Debbie Percivall says:

    I’m so sad!!! I did get my daily email today!!! I know you have said there are computer problems. I’m hoping that its not on my end???

  5. Donna Wills Elkins says:

    I look forward to seeing how you style the green striped dress in your video. I just purchased something very similar in black and ivory. My default is always a denim jacket but I’m looking forward to seeing if you have other ideas. Love your blog and get so much inspiration from you!

    • beth djalali says:

      hi donna! thanks so much for stopping by! i’m looking forward to the temps that will match that striped dress. a jean jacket always works but i’ll see what else i can come up with!

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