suede time

  1. Anne Woodyard says:

    Flight delayed, stuck in the Paris airport, grabbed something I’ve had on my list at Talbots at 50% off! Cyber Monday works everywhere 😉
    By the way, France debuted their first Black Friday this year – lots of sales!

  2. SunDapple says:

    LOVE your pendant!

  3. DriftwoodLover says:

    You are so right … this is a great day to stock up on some quality pieces at discount! Love your look today.

  4. Rebecca Saffer says:

    Your new Gucci bag is stunning with this outfit. I have a Gucci satchel from about 20 years ago that I fell in love with and treated myself to. Unfortunately I have rarely worn it because it has dark brown leather with the material front and all my coats and shoes are black.

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