spring greens

  1. Imastounded says:

    Oh, that sounds good! I really needed the reminder that spring is coming, just not for a while.

  2. Brenda Blake says:

    what color are your walls?

  3. Laura says:

    I like the white pitcher! Is it from Williams Sonoma? The link is to a creamer.

  4. Mb Thayer says:

    Add a green checked gingham apron! ((; Afraid you’ll stain your cute outfit, lol Love the naps & the rings…

  5. Aha, the new Martha Stewart! Cant wait to try the Caesar Salad. Must copy this recipe and try it. Love your new web page design.

  6. suzanne robertson says:

    I bet Spring in the South is heavenly. Here in Utah its a “tease” Just when you think winter is over……….

  7. Sue Smith says:

    I love the whole process of making lasagna–these days, I fix 2 pans: one regular pasta for my boyfriend, and one for me with cabbage leaves or zucchini sliced thin, in place of the pasta, since I don’t do grains any longer and hate gluten-free–they taste awful to me. It’s actually very yummy! The Caesar salad sounds wonderful–I’ll have to try it–I love a good Caesar. It’s warmer here, but we see a warm day and then a cold one right around the corner, so I’m not getting the spring wardrobe out just yet. Enjoy–sounds like a cozy meal. I like the black and white buffalo checked drapes.

  8. Jackie says:

    Love those drapes in the kitchen and what time is the meal being served?

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