scenes of vienna

  1. Imastounded says:


    And look at the brightly-colored clothing in the shop window — much brighter than elsewhere in Europe.

  2. Judy Webb says:

    Beautiful pictures of Vienna! Love the intricacies of the old architecture!

  3. Sue Smith says:

    I’ve always wanted to head to Vienna–one of these days, (if these knees ever get taken care of.) Looks beautiful. A good photographer friend of mine lives in Vienna and has a blog “Merisi’s Vienna for Beginners” and I’ve been looking at her gorgeous photos forever. Looks like you’re having great weather for your escapades. Love the scarf colors! Enjoy!

  4. Oh, how I love this outfit! Casual and chic :). And that little purse is simply adorable!

  5. Kathy Lowe says:

    Beth, this looks so fun and you look fabulous! Thank you for sharing your trip with us! I love it!

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