in the navy

  1. susan burpee says:

    Love your navy jacket with the grey and white. I’m a navy fan as well. You’ve inspired me to get my navy Smythe boyfriend jacket and try it with my white jeans. Thanks.
    P.S. Now I just have to try to get that Village People song out of my head. It popped in as soon as I saw your post title …”In the Navy”… ♫

  2. Sue Smith says:

    Nice combinations and the gingham’s a nice touch. I feel like it’s been so hot, but I almost invariably have either a sweater or jacket with me because it’s freezing at work, inside, all day long. Sweltering out, freezing in. Go figure. So I do wind up keeping nice, interesting jackets around, even when the temps out are ridiculous. Pretty spot, wherever you shot those pics!

  3. Shelagh Monahan says:

    You wear a lot of white or white denim. Any tips on keeping these clean? I’m always afraid to wear white.

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