how to wear jean shorts

  1. Terri Bowman says:

    You have a good day too. I know you will treasure even more, each day you have your great guy.

  2. Jo-Ann Mazliach says:

    Love this ootd! The sweater ideas are great for the cool mornings in my area.

  3. Connie says:

    You look great in shorts. I never have, any suggestions for options? I’m 64 and wear 14, pear shape.

  4. Pam says:

    Extremely stylish today Beth. I love the length of the shorts and the hat is a wow factor.
    Hope you and Mr. Style have a good day.

  5. Janis says:

    Love the caftan in the link. Any chance you could style one so I would be a little more confident in trying it?

  6. Micki D’Attomo says:

    May you have a blessed day.. Our prayers will continue for your family.

    • Sara Grant says:

      Beth, reading you post yesterday brought tears to my eyes. I have been following your post for quite a while, and look forward everyday to read what you have posted. You are apparently a very strong lady, my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

    • Claudia Young says:

      Great as always!
      Keeping you all in my prayers!

  7. Jemma says:

    Great outfit for the Caribbean but with short sleeves. Have a good day. 🌻

  8. Prudence Lay says:

    Please know that I will hold you and your family in my prayers and thoughts. My heart aches for you. Enjoy every moment – and never stop believing for a miracle. 💕

  9. Donna says:

    🙏🏻🌞💐❤️ Heading your way.

  10. Cindy J. says:

    Just loving that hat, Beth, and the great tips on wearing jean shorts. Your courage in the face of adversity is admirable. We’re keeping the prayers going!💕

  11. Joan Munoz says:

    I feel like you’re one of my dearest friends and that Mr Styles is to. My heart is so heavy and I’m lifting you both up to the Lord, He will carry you thru this season of your life……Love and Prayers to you both

  12. SharonZibart says:

    Thank you for sharing your family’s story. You and your family have become part of each oh our families. Your love for mr. Style and your children is very evident. You are all held tightly in our prayers and hope for a wonderful future.

  13. Julia Morton says:

    Saying many prayers for your husband, you, and your family…for your strength and peace.

  14. Est says:

    Sending Thoughts and prayers to you Beth, Mr. Style and your kiddos. It is so tough.

  15. Pam Brown says:

    Praying for Mr Style and all his family for peace, strength and comfort that only the Great Physician can provide.

  16. Mary Lou Muncy says:

    He is to be respected for making an informed decision and choosing quality of life. Thank you for sharing his choice and reminding us we do have a choice about our health care and our bodies. Best to you both during these difficult times. Hoping your blog is a reprieve, and nurtures you as you have us.

  17. Sheri D Chenault says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey, you are both in my prayers and hope you feel the love we are all sending your way.

  18. Jessica says:

    Beth-your heartfelt post yesterday brought me to tears. Your family is fortunate to have you as their advocate. Cancer is cruel and oh so unfair. Sending you and your mr. love and prayers for peace, comfort and strength. I look forward to your blog each day.

  19. Sandra says:

    Let me just add this… no time, place or age is it appropriate to have buns peeking out of the shorts! Thank you for your appropriate clothing choices….

  20. Jeannie Fair says:

    I have begun reading your blog only recently and love your sense of style. I am learning so much! Thank you for posting such wonderful information.

    I read about your Dear Hubby and what your Family is facing. I pray for Gods healing touch for him and for peace and grace to overflow to all of you during this difficult time.

    Thank you for continuing your important work in helping us older gals look our best❤️🙂🌹

  21. Suzanne Smith says:

    Lovely look.
    My mom struggled for years with MS, and I marvelled at how well she did her best to live a beautiful life. I used to ache watching her with difficulties, which was degenerative, and so she lost more and more of her life over time… of course, selfish me, I worried my whole life that I’d also wind up with MS. Little did I know RA, which was never ever on my radar, would be what I wound up with. But I never ever forgot her wonderful, life-affirming attitude, and what she said to me–she said “everyone gets something, Sue!” and it’s so true. We each have difficulties to bear, but in life, it’s beautiful to know people do want to show how much they care about you and comfort one another in that uniquely human state. Our hearts go out to you and your whole family during this time.

  22. Karen says:

    Great outfit! Love the shorts! Wish we had cool mornings out here in Fort Worth, Tx! Daily prayers for you, Mr. Style and your kiddos…

  23. Marcia Fishman says:

    Dearest Beth: It was so upsetting to read you email yesterday-it gave me a chill to my bones. I will be thinking of you and MR. Style and your children and keeping positive thoughts and do understand Mr Style’s thinking. It is so evident the special relationship you share.

  24. Susan says:

    Dear Beth..There are no words to express how shocked I was to read about Mr. Style yesterday. I have been following your blog for a least a year and opening your blog is always fun for me. You would never know you are going through such a difficult time. You and Your family are in my thoughts and prayers! I have been through a similar cancer and it is not an easy road. Peace be with your family!

  25. BETH ROTHFUSS says:

    Beth, I saw the title of your post and could not bring myself to read it. Like many, we have lost close family and dear friends to this horrible disease. My prayers go out to you and your family.

  26. Sharon Mulliken says:

    Beth, I was so grief stricken yesterday for you, Mr. Style and your family that I couldn’t find any words. Today this came to me: I respect and admire Mr. Style’s choices for his care and his wish to continue on living as best he can for as long as he can, and his desire for you to do the same. I was a Hospice Chaplain for eight years, and I learned so much from the patients about how to live fully and die and with dignity and grace! Before I became a chaplain, in fact, the reason I became a chaplain, was because of an experience I had with a dear friend. She was dying, on hospice, so many of us (her posse of friends) took turns coming over to do things for her and the family, and just to be with her. One day I was sitting there with her and she looked at me and said, “I really appreciate what you all are doing for me, but it just seems like you all are just watching me and waiting for me to die.” I asked her what she needed and she said ” I want to bake some chocolate chip cookies for my family, and I need to go shopping for some new tennis shoes and I want to go to Ladies Day at our pool to see everyone!” Well, we baked those cookies, and we shopped for those shoes! All of our activities together were so much fun. I have all of these wonderful memories of being with her! So, go, live, enjoy and be until those times are no longer possible! You will treasure it all! I pray for strength and stamina for all of you! You have such grace, class and dignity….what an example to the rest of us! Thank you!! Oh, and I LOVE the OOTD as always!!! Sending hugs!!
    Sharon Mulliken, Omaha, NE

  27. Nancy B says:

    U of IA gold! You look lovely as always. Along with so many others who look forward to reading about you and your family @ styleatacertainage, please add my thoughts and prayers.

  28. Debra Cervelli says:

    Beth, much like Sharon from Omaha, I was really upset yesterday after reading your heart-wrenching story. So many of your loyal readers poured their hearts into their responses, and there is not much for me to add that hasn’t already been said. I live near the Mayo Clinic Jacksonville campus, a Specialized Program of Research Excellence for hepatobiliary cancer research. If the two of you decide to pursue alternative options, Mayo is not too far away. Meanwhile, you’ll be in my prayers.

  29. Katie says:

    Beth, It seems that cancer, in one form or another, has touched almost every family in America. The post about your husband resonates with so many and yet, your family’s journey is unique to you. Know that there are many people thinking and praying for your husband and all of you.
    Thanks too, for bringing beauty and style into our lives.

  30. Adrienne B says:

    Sending you and your dear one my thoughts and well wishes from Australia.

  31. Jacalyn Nelson says:

    Beth: My heart goes out to you and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  32. Bonniev says:

    I believe in miracles. Praying for one for you all.

  33. Carol S. says:

    Darn, that’s a fun summer look. Now I need to follow your links and be a copy cat! Thanks for inspiration.

  34. Elaine O says:

    I too, send Mr Style, you and the family my thoughts and prayers. I read your post yesterday with a sadness, but also with a mixture of joy – for Mr Style and your family, for being together and living each day to the fullest. He has a wonderful outlook for the present and future.

    This is for you Beth. I remember crying in the shower after my father’s diagnosis of cancer, and dealing with the feelings of sadness, anger and of my very stubborn Dad😉😉! I kept thinking how was I going to move forward for the day, and then I remembered a line from one of my favorite movies – “God gives the heaviest of burdens to the strongest of character. And that is a compliment.” When remembering the lines, it helped me to move forward for the day and all it might bring (And it helps me to this day!) My wish for you, is that those lines will bring comfort to you on difficult days.
    You all will be in my thoughts and prayers

  35. FranJ says:

    Beth – just read your last 2 blogs and as a normally unemotional gal, the tears have been running down my face. I have been married for 46 years (a child bride I might add!) and my husband and I disagree every day on whatever but the real affection is always there in the background. Your brave blog reminded me of how lucky some of us are to experience true love in our lives & hopefully the strength and memories from this will help you and your family at this time. ‘ Love to Mr Style – he’s one special guy!

  36. Lyn says:

    Beth, I am catching up reading your blog, and I am so deeply saddened to hear this sad news. I feel very choked up, and there are tears in my eyes. I think we tend to forget that the people that have blogs also are real people and experience everything that life throws our way – it’s not just pretty clothes, travel, recipes. You will be in my thoughts. I am trying to live more “in the moment”. My husband has always said that he doesn’t spend one minute of today worrying about tomorrow because if today is his last day on earth he doesn’t want to spend it worrying. I wish I could be more like him. With love….

  37. Beth, you have become my friend over the past two years and I eagerly read your blog everyday. Your style is gracious and I have learned from you blog and have become more adventurous in my clothing choices. Plus we both share glorious silver short hair! The first time you shared a picture of Mr. Style I remarked to my daughter what a handsome man he was, so very debonair! My heart was so saddened yesterday when I read your news about this lovely courageous man. As so many have said in there messages to you, I don’t think there is a family who has not been touched by the big “C”. I lost my grandfather and my father to cancer. My dad chose to have quality of life because his cancer was too far advanced for treatment to have much affect. Cherish every moment that you and Mr. Style have, love, laugh, share wonderful memories, hold hands and tell each other how much you have meant to one another. That is how I spent the last months with my dad and when it was time for him to go, neither of us had any regrets. May God grant you both courage and strength. You are in my prayers.

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