gingham style

  1. Une femme says:

    Black and white gingham always looks fresh and sophisticated too. Good luck with getting the yard project finished!

  2. Sue Smith says:

    Cute! I was just recently looking at the Talbot black/white (or is it navy/white?) gingham shirtwaist dress and pondering it…I love gingham. I sure don’t “need” another dress, but I do love them!

    We are supposed to get a rainy weekend as well, from what I hear. My nephew and his new wife are visiting, so I was disappointed, but we’ll just change some plans. Good luck with the yard!

    • beth djalali says:

      we were deluged with rain at the beginning of summer. but now we need it again so i shan’t complain. (or maybe not that much).
      have fun with your nephew and wife. it’s always fun to have family visit.

  3. Terry Cornelius Corley says:

    We got a sneak peek of your gingham last night. I was curious as to whether it was a blouse or jacket but I wouldn’t have thought of a shirtdress. So cute! We have unusually rainy weather in NE TX this summer but I’ll take it!

    • beth djalali says:

      this has been a very rainy summer but the locals tell me it’s normal. the cloud cover keeps the temps down so it hasn’t been beasty hot. i’m like you – i’ll take it!

  4. crillonparis says:

    I also love gingham and all the dresses are cute, but I like the Brooks Brothers one the best. However, at 5’9″, it’s way too short for me. Not too many women of a “certain age” can wear dresses & skirts above the knee. I wish more retailers (like Boden) would offer tall sizing!

    • beth djalali says:

      i wish the retailers would get the hint and lower the dress and skirt lengths. at least give us a few more options. the good news is that i’ve seen lots of midi’s for fall. hooray!

      • crillonparis says:

        Boden does a great job offering tall sizing–they are my go-to for dresses. I’m happy to see the midi length coming on strong for fall. Yay!! I enjoy your blog–you are one of my style icons for updated classics! I think dressing well is a lost art and the world has become way too casual for my taste, so blogs like yours help to reinforce and inspire.

  5. donnanance says:

    The dress is fabulous for a full day…looks comfy and chic…of course gingham is chic…ha! I’m sure Oscar loves playing in the mud… xoxo

  6. Elizabeta Keti says:

    With a sexy dress with a deep V-neck, it’s best to wear a bra with a large space between the baskets. It will look like you do not have a bra, and that’s the main goal.

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